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1/2 over 1/12 = 12/2 = 6

there are 6 twelfths in a half.

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Q: How many twelfths are in a half?
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Related questions

How many twelfths to make one eighth?

3 twelfths

What is larger seven twelfths or one half?

There are six twelfths in one half.Seven twelfths is more than six twelfths.Therefore seven twelfths is larger than one half.

How many twelfths are in one half?

There are 24 halves in 12, so there must be 1/24 twelves in 1/21/24 = 0.04166Another Take:I may be misunderstanding the question. The above doesn't seem to work too well either. The question originally read: How many twelves are in one half? This did not seem to me to make sense so I changed it to: How many twelfths are in one half? I have noticed that students sometimes will not make a distinction between twelves and twelfths, five and fifths and so forth.The question is How many twelfths (or twelves) are in one half, and not how many halves are in 12. So I conclude that the questioner wants to know that 6 twelfths is equal to half.

Explain why 7 over 12 is greater that 1 half?

one half is 6 twelfths and 7 twelfths is more than 6 twelfths

What is 3 quarters minus 3 twelfths?

3 quarters is 9 twelfths, so 9 twelfths minus 3 twelfths is 6 twelfths, which is also a half.

Is one half less than five twelfths?

Well, one half equals six twelfths. You figure it out from there.

Which is larger one half or five twelfths?

One half

How many twelfths are there in four wholes?

48 twelfths.

Is one half or five twelfths bigger?

One half is bigger.

What is half of two twelfths?

one twelfth!

What does sixth twelfths equal?

one half

Is 1 in a half equal to 7 twelfths?


How many 5 twelfths go into 1 half of a whole?

One 5/12 can go into 1/2.

How many five twelths are in one half?

There are six twelfths in one half. That leaves room for one 5/12 with one twelfth left over.

What is one half divided by two twelfths?


Is seven twelfths less than one half?


What is One half subtracts 1 twelfths?

a number

How do you do a twelfth for a fraction strip?

You can fold a thirds strip in half and then in half again and you get twelfths.

How many degrees is sixth twelfths?

6/12 = 1/2 One half of a circle is 180 degrees. One half of something else is something else.

How many twelfths are in 2400?

There are 28800 twelfths in 2400.

How many twelfths are in 14?

14 has 168 twelfths. 1/4 has 3 twelfths.

Is three twelves less than a half?

Yes, because six twelfths would a half.

What is six sevenths times seven twelfths?


Is eight twelfths more than one half?


How many twelfths are there in 21?

There are: 21 divided by 1/12 = 252 twelfths