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Four of them.

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Q: How many twelfths fit into a third?
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Related questions

How many twelfths to make two third?

Eight of them.

How many twelfths make a third?


How many one-fourths are their in 1?

Equivalence of Fractions: One Fourth Is Three Twelfths. In this regard, how many twelfths are there in one whole? What are these new parts called? They are called twelfths because twelve of them fit in one.

What is ten twelfths minus one third?

six twelfths

What is 6 twelfths plus 1 third?

1 third is the same as 4 twelfths, so 6 twelfths plus 4 twelfths is 10 twelfths.

What is seven twelfths and one third in simplest form?

it is eleven twelfths

What is one third plus one twelfths equal to?

five twelfths

What does four twelfths equal?

Four twelfths is one third, or about 0.333.

How many twelves are there in a third?

Do you mean "twelfths"? 1/3 = 4/12

What is one third plus six twelfths?

Just get them all to a common base - 4 twelfths + 6 twelfths = 10 twelfths OR 5/6

Why is one third equal to four twelfths?


What is two and one third divided by five and five twelfths?

Two and one third divided by five and five twelfths = 28/65

How many twelfths in one third?

There are 4 because 4/12 = 1/3

What is four twelfths reduced?

One third

Does one third equal four twelfths?


Is four twelfths equal to one third?


One-twelfth plus one-fourth?

One fourth is three twelfths. So one twelfth plus three twelfths is four twelfths, which is also one third.

How many one twelfths are in one third?


Is five twelfths bigger than one third?

yes If we convert a third into twelfths, it turns out to be 4/12, so yes, 5/12 is bigger.

How many twelfths are in 2400?

There are 28800 twelfths in 2400.

How many twelfths are in 14?

14 has 168 twelfths. 1/4 has 3 twelfths.

How many twelfths to make one eighth?

3 twelfths

Is two thirds less than four twelfths?

No, four twelfths is equal to one third, so two thirds is more.

How many twelfths are there in 21?

There are: 21 divided by 1/12 = 252 twelfths

How many twelfths are there in1/3?

There are 4 twelfths in 1/3