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Q: How many twelfths in one sixth?
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Related questions

What is two twelfths reduce to?

One sixth.

What is the equivalent of one sixth?

two twelfths

What does sixth twelfths equal?

one half

What is two quarters minus two thirds?

Two quarters minus two thirds is negative one sixth. Two quarters is six twelfths, and two thirds is eight twelfths. Six twelfths minus eight twelfths is minus two twelfths or minus one sixth.

What is one sixth plus five twelfths?

7 twelfths.That's 2 twelfths plus 5 twelfths. Soit's 7 twelfths.

What is the lowest term of two twelfths?

one sixth

What is three fourths minus one sixth?

seven twelfths

Is two twelfths greater that two sixths?

Two twelfths is equal to one sixth, and is thus lesser than two sixths.

What is one twelfths plus five sixth?

11/12 Eleven twelvesth

What is the estimate of five sixth of one half?

five twelfths (5/12).

What is five twelfths minus one sixth?

3/12 or 1/4

What is two-twelfths divided by two-halfs?

Two halves is one. And anything divided by one is itself. So the answer would be two twelfths - except that it simplifies to one sixth.

How many twelfths in a sixth?

There are: 2 because 2/12 = 1/6

Is three twelfths same as one sixth?

No 3/12 is not equivalent to 1/6

Is 1 sixth equal to 2 twelfths?


What is four sixth of a dozen using twelfths?

8 / 12

How much is a half of one third?

1 sixth. 2 twelfths. 4 twenty fourths. 8........................... well you get the idea.

What is 8 and five twelfths minus five and three twelfths?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 8 5/12 - 5 3/12 = 3 1/6 or three and one sixth.

What is seven twelfths minus one sixth?

7/12 - 1/6 = 7/12 - 2/12 = 5/12

How many eighths is three twelfths equal to?

Three twelfths is equal to one fourth, which is equal to two eights.

What is one third plus one twelfths equal to?

five twelfths

What fraction is equivalent to 5 sixth?

ten twelfths, 15 eighteenths

If a circle represents a whole or 1 how do I find the unknown part if I already have these fractions five twelfths one third and one sixth?

The other part is 1/12

How many twelfths are in 2400?

There are 28800 twelfths in 2400.

What fractions are less than ten twelfths?

nine twelfths eight twelfths ........ down to twelfth