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Q: How many twenty-fourths are equal to five-sixths?
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How many six make one quarter?

One twentyfourths.

What percent is seven twentyfourths?

That depends what it is a percentage of. As a percentage of 1, it is equal to 7/24 x 100 = 29.16 recurring (that is, 29.16666...) percent.

What is eqvilant to one sixth?

Four twentyfourths.

What is four twentyfourths as a decimal?

It is 0.1666... repeating.

What Seven eights minus two thirds?

five twentyfourths

What is two thrirds minus three eights?

7 twentyfourths

What is eight twentyfourths in simplest form?


What is the simplest form for 9 twentyfourths?

Both 9 and 24 are divisible by three, so 9/24 would reduce to 3/8.

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