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2 and 1/2 of them.

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Q: How many two-fifths are in a whole?
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Is fourfifteenths greater than twofifths?


What is twofifths of 52?

It is: 2/5 of 52 = 20.8

How many hundredths are in one whole?

There are one hundred "hundredths" in one whole.

HOW MANY hundredths are ins a whole whole?

There are 100 hundredths in a whole.

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How many halves in a whole? Two.

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3 thirds are in one whole

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100 hundredths are in one whole.

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10 thenths are in a whole

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100 hundredths in one whole

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There are 360 degree in whole turn

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how many whole cucumbers makes 4 pounds.

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Eight eights constitute a whole.

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Approximately 12 whole almonds

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4 fourths in a whole

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4 whole qt

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The percentage of the whole is 100%.

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there are 900 million dogs in the whole world

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The sequence of whole numbers goes on and on and on - there is no last whole number. The set of whole numbers is thus infinite.

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52 has six whole factors.

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Three thirds make up a whole.

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about 9

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There are 88 14ers in the whole US.