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This should explain what you are looking for. There are 8 cases listed, but only 5 work out, I believe.

See related link below

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Q: How many types of ambiguous case triangle?
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How many significant figured are there in 450?

2 or 3. It is an ambiguous case.

How many significant figures are in 130?

This is an ambiguous case and the answer is 2 OR 3.

How many axes of symmetry are there in an isoceles triangle?

One, except in the special case where the triangle is also equilateral (in which case, three).

Is a right triangle always an isosceles triangle?

No. An isosceles right triangle is a special case. There are many right triangles which are not isosceles.

What are the kind of triangle?

There are many different types of triangles. A few are a right triangle, obtuse triangle, equilateral triangle, acute triangle and isosceles triangle.

How many significant figures does 310 have?

Two, but it could be three. Integers ending in zero are an ambiguous case.

How many types of tessellation?

There are infinitely many. For example, every different triangle can tessellate. There are 15 types of pentagons which will tessellate.

How big is a normal window?

Unfortunately, the term "normal window" is ambiguous. There are many types of windows, constructed to serve many purposes, such as commercial or residential application.

Which triangle is classified by their congruent sides?

Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene are three types of triangles classified based on how many congruent sides the triangle has.

How do you make a sentence with scalene?

Look at that scalene triangle! There are many types of Scalene Triangles.

How many different types of aincent Egyptian tombs are there?

mastabas,step pyramid, and triangle pyramid

How many types of triangles are there?

There are three primary types of triangle - the equilateral, where all three sides are equal in length - the isoceles, where only two sides are equal in length - and the scalene, where no sides are equal in length. The right triangle, where one angle is 90 degrees, is a special case of isoceles or scalene.