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There are five types :-


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There are 8 basic ones.

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Q: How many types of topology?
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Types of topology?

tpology are mainly three types (1) STAR TOPOLOGY,(2)BUS TOPOLOGY,(3)RING TOPOLOGY

What network topology uses a backbone?

Bus topology as many nodes are connected to single link

What are the types of hybrid network?

Ring Topology, Mesh Topology, Bus Topology, Star Topology

What are the types of topology?

whatarethetypeoftopology Network topology is a layout which shows that how a connectivity communicates and the flow takes place in a network. types of topology are 1. BUS topology,2. Star topology,3. ring topology.

The concept of a network topology and the different types of topology?


What are two types of network topology?

bus topology and man

What is topology and its types?

TOPOLOGY :- It is the physical layout of the workstations, severs, gatewaays, hubs and cabling. the physical configuration of network, including the types of cable and connectivity devices used. There are 6 types of topologies and are as follows. 1}Ring Topology, 2}Bus Topology, 3}Star Topology, 5}Mesh Topology, 6}Tree Topology.

What are the five types of network topology?

1.bus topology, 2.ring topology, 3.mesh topology, topology, 5.hybrid topology

A physical topology specifies device types?

a physical topology specifies what

Different types of topologies?

Different types of Networking topologies are 1] Bus topolgy 2] Ring topology 3] Mesh topology 4] Hibrid topology

What are the types of topologies networking?

Bus star ring mesh hybrid

What Types of network topology and give examples of each topology?

Regional Network ---- There are four basic types of network topologies: bus, ring, star, and mesh.There are also many other types as well, but they are hybrid topologies, meaning they are a combination of two or more of the four basic topologies. Two examples of hybrid topologies are the star bus topology and the star ring topology.

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