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Out of the 186,775,000 that were struck nobody knows how many are still in circulation.

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Q: How many us pennies are in circulation?
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How many 1952 US pennies are in circulation?

Out of the 186,775,000 that were struck nobody knows how many are still in circulation.

Are 2012 US pennies in circulation?


How many pennies are in circulation?

About 120,000,000

How many pennies were minted in 1890?

US Indian Head cents: 2,740 proofs and 57,182,854 for circulation. British Pennies: 15,331,000.

How many wheat pennies are in circulation?

About 120,000,000

How many 1930 pennies are in circulation?

Essentially none.

How long were silver pennies in circulation?

The US has never made silver pennies. It would cost way to much to make silver pennies because of the value of silver. Many people think that in 1943 pennies were made out of silver however they are actually made out of zinc and steel. So actually they have never been in circulation.

How many different Penny designs are There In circulation?

7 different pennies

How many pennies are in circulation in Canada?

It's hard to say. Canada stopped minting pennies in 2012, and since early 2013 the government has been withdrawing them from circulation. Before they started withdrawing pennies, though, the government estimated that there were 35 billion in circulation.

How many 2009 British Pennies are in circulation?

The Royal Mint advises that 469,207,800 British Pennies were minted in 2009.

How many US coins the number of pennies the number of nickles dimes quarters etc are estimated to be in circulation right now?

One estimate places to total number of coins in circulation at about 30 billion.

How many pennies in 564 us dollars?

56,400 pennies

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