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8 vertexes

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Q: How many vertexes doe a cube have?
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How many vertexes does a cube have?

8 vertexes

How many planes in a cube pass through three or more vertexes?

There are 56 such planes.

What are corners on a cube called?

Vertexes, vertices, or corners.

What is the product of the number of faces of a cube and the number of its vertexes?


What 3 d shape has square sides and 8 vertexes?


Where are the edges on the cube?

The edges of a cube are the parts of a cube when one face of the cube ends and another begins. Not to be confused with the vertexes, which are pretty much like corners.

What is the name of the corner of a cube?

vertex the line that connects 2 vertexes is an edge

What are the main facts about a cube?

it has 6 faces, 12 edges, and 8 vertexes

How many edges faces and vertex does a Cuboid have?

exactly like a cube 6 faces 8 vertexes vertices and 12 edges

How many vertexes does a tetrahedron have?

A tetrahedron has 4 vertices - not vertexes!

If you cut off a squarehow many face egdes and verticies does a the new polyhedron have?

A square is not a polyhedron, it is a polygon. A cube is not a polygon, it is a polyhedron.A square has 4 edges and 4 vertexes. It has no faces because it is not a polyhedron. If you cut the corners off of a square, the new polygon has 8 edges and 8 vertexes.A cube has 6 faces, 12 edges, and 8 vertexes. If you cut the corners off of a cube, the new polyhedron has 14 faces, 36 edges, and 24 vertexes.

How many vertexes does a rectangular prisim have?

Not sure about vertexes or prisim. A rectangular prism, on the other hand, has 8 vertices. Not vertexes.

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