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Q: How many vertice does a cuboid has?
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Related questions

Do a cuboid got 12 vertice?

A cuboid does have 12 vertices.

How many faces edges and vertice has a box?

A box, if viewed as a cuboid, has 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices.

What is the shape that has 12 edge 6 faces and 8 vertice?

It is a cube or a cuboid

How many vertice's does a heptagon have?

A heptagon has seven vertices (not vertice's!)

How many edges in vertice pyramid?

I regret that it is impossible to answer this question since there is no such object as a vertice pyramid.

How many vertice's does a oblique have?


How many vertice's does a parallelogram have?


How many vertice a triangle has?


Who many vertice does a nonagon have?


How many vertice does a dome have?


How many sides does a cuboid have?

A cuboid has six sides.

How many vertice s on a cube?


How many vertice does cube has?

Eight vertices.

How many vertice does a cone shape have?


How many edges and faces has a cuboid got?

How many faces of cuboid

How many edges faces and vertice in cone have?

Well it has one edge, one face, one base(the face that the shape sits on), and one vertice.

How many sides does a polygon with n vertice have?


How many sides will a shape 5 vertice have?


How many vertices a match box has?

how many vertice has match box

How many vertices has a match box?

how many vertice has match box

How many edges does a cuboid have?

a cuboid has 12 edges

How many Perpendicular faces in a cuboid?

the cuboid has 2

How many sides cuboid have?

A cuboid has 6 faces.

How many edges does an cuboid have?

A cuboid has 12 edges.

How many corner does a cuboid as?

A cuboid has 8 corners.