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Six views are possible for an orthographic drawing, though three views are usually enough.

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Q: How many views are possible for an orthographic drawing?
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How many orthographic views can be made from a cube?


What are the different types of pictorial drawing?

Isometric, orthographic and oblique drawings.

How many sides or faces are possible for an isometric drawing?

there can be 13 sides on an isometric drawing

How many views are needed in a multiview drawing?

A multi-view drawing is really a few drawings made on a single piece of paper. Think of it as the instructions for assembling a piece of Ikea furniture.

Definition of oblique drawing?

Drawing in "oblique perspective" means drawing in a way the has a slanted perspective to show multiple sides often seen in eastern artwroks of antiquity. This differs from orthographic perspective (IE silhouettes) which were used in many classical Greeks and Roman artworks and point-perspective (IE 20th Century Fox logo) which was popular during the renaissance and after in the west.

What do diagonal lines mean in drafting?

There are many types of symbols used in drafting. Diagonal lines, a.k.a. crosshatch, are used in orthographic views to show that the plane in which the current view lies, goes through a portion of the "part" being drafted.

Explain the benefits and limitation of using pictorial techniques to represent a given engineering component?

The main advantage is that it is quick and easy to put your design or idea on paper. Another advantage of drawing free hand is that you can see what you are doing and how it's coming along. A mechanical orthographic drawing doesn't have that advantage. It can be very accurately but it can be quite hard to understand if you don't have a basic mechanical understanding or if you're dealing with engineers or technical people such as engineers. This can be because of the various orthographic views it can be difficult to get a clear picture of how the different views fit together to form the final part of a product. Also the orthographic drawings can get cluttered more easily than free hand drawings. The pictorial techniques can also be colored and shaded to give it a better look which helps it to be more visually understandable. With free hand you can also draw it to scale.

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If you compared a drawing of a cell to a real one what would be some of the main differences?

In a drawing of a cell, you show only a few of the features. You show the outline of the cell wall or membrane on the sides. It actually covers the entire cell. You show a few of the mitochondria. There are hundreds. You show the nucleus with one or two chromosomes. There are many. Basically, a drawing shows a whole lot fewer parts but gives a few examples of the many parts. It shows views of slices.

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