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Q: How many ways can a diploid organism line up in metaphase 1 ofmeosis if it has five chromosomes?
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Does diploid occur during metaphase 1?

Yes, ths chromosomes remain diploid in metaphase I.

What is diploid condition?

A diploid refers to a cell or an organism with two sets of chromosomes.

Is is an organism or cell with two sets of chromosomes?

I think you are referring to a diploid organism: one that has two of each chromosome.

When gametes combine to form a zygote the chromosomes number of the zygote is now referred to as?

diploid is what the total number of chromosomes in an organism is

If an organism has 16 chromosomes in each of its egg cells the organisms diploid number is 32?

The gamete or haploid cell of an organism contains half as many chromosomes as a diploid body cell. An organism that has 32 chromosomes would produce a gamete with 16 chromosomes.

Matched chromosomes carrying information about the same characteristics in the organism are called chromosomes?


Diploid number of an organism describe what?

The number of chromosomes in a somatic cell.

What is an amphidiploid?

An amphidiploid is an organism with a diploid set of chromosomes from each of its parents.

How many chromosomes does a horsetail have?

A housefly has 12 chromosomes in a diploid. Every living organism on the planet has a chromosome number represented by a diploid number (2n).

An organism has a haploid number of 20. What is the organism's diploid number?

16 (haploid number = n, and diploid number =2n) so if n=8, the diploid number is 2x8 = 16

What is the haploid number if diploid number of chromosomes for an organism is twenty-six?


If the diploid number chromosomes for an organism is twenty-six what is the haploid number?

Thirteen (A+)