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there are 36 ways to add up to

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Q: How many ways can you add two numbers to get 72?
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How many ways can you make 100 by multipling two numbers?

With whole numbers, there are five ways.

What are the numbers that you add up to 775?

If you want to add two numbers and get 775, there are 194 different ways to do it IF you onlyuse positive whole numbers ... a lot more than that if you're allowed to use negative numbersand fractions.If you want to add three numbers and get 775, there are even more ways to do it.

What is all of the Fibonacci numbers in nature?

Its indefinite: Start with 0,1 add last two numbers = 1 add to sequence = 0,1,1 add last two numbers = 2 add to sequence = 0,1,1,2 add last two numbers = 3 add to sequence = 0,1,1,2,3 add last two numbers = 5 add to sequence = 0,1,1,2,3,5 add last two numbers ......... add to sequence ..........

What does add operator do?

Add two numbers.

How many two-digit numbers have digits that add up to 10?

To make the list of two-digit numbers with digits that add up to 10, first write the pairs of single-digit integers that add up to 10. They are (1,9), (2,8), (3,7), (4,6), (5,5). Then recognize that each of these pairs of numbers, except 5, can be combined in two different ways to make two-digit numbers that satisfy the problem. 19 and 91 28 and 82 37 and 73 46 and 64 55 So there are nine two-digit numbers with digits that add up to 10.

What numbers must you add to make an even number?

You must add either two odd numbers or two even numbers.

Input two numbers and get the average?

Add the two numbers and divide that by two.

What number is halfway between 300 and 600?

Add the two numbers, and divide the result by 2.Add the two numbers, and divide the result by 2.Add the two numbers, and divide the result by 2.Add the two numbers, and divide the result by 2.

How many different ways can you write 17 as a product of two numbers?


What do you call the result when you add two numbers?

when you add two or more numbers together, the result is called the sum

What two prime numbers add up to 119?

No two prime numbers can add to 119.

Is the mean or median a better measure of a typical value?

NO mean: (average)add all the numbers, then divide by how many numbers you added!! Median: you have to put allthe numbers in order and then get the middle number and if there are two middle numbers add them and divide them by two!!

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