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24 is a stupid T.V show

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Q: How many ways can you get twenty four for the perimeter?
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How many different ways can four sandwiches be placed in four boxes?

twenty four times i believe, assuming the sandwiches are all different kinds

How many ways can a president and vice-president be selected in a class of twenty-four students?

24 different ways for the president and 23 different ways for the VP

How do you write 24.47 in words?

You could write 24.47 in several ways: Twenty-four point four seven Twenty-four dollars and forty-seven cents (if referring to money) Twenty-four forty-seven (a more casual reference to money) Twenty-four and forty-seven hundredths

What are two ways to write 624?

here are 4 common ways: 624 sixhundred and twenty four six-two-four Six-twentyfour

If you are twenty three weeks Pregnant can you take four penicillin pills at one time is?

no that will hurt the baby in many ways so no

How do you write 26.04 in words?

There are several ways to write 26.04: Twenty-six point zero four Twenty-six dollars and four cents (when referring to money) Twenty-six oh four (less formal reference to money) Twenty-six and 4 hundredths.

How do you write 4.21 in words?

You can write 4.21 in several different ways: Four point two one Four dollars and twenty-one cents (if referring to money) Four twenty-one (a less formal way to refer to money) Four and twenty-one hundredths

Is two thousand four hundred the same as twenty four hundred?

Yes, they are just different ways to say the number. Two thousand four hundred is technically more correct, twenty-four hundred is shorthand.

How do you write 4023.40 in words?

You could write 4,023.40 several different ways: Four thousand twenty-three point four Four thousand twenty-three dollars and forty cents (if referring to money) Four thousand twenty-three forty (a more casual way to refer to money) Four thousand twenty-three and four tenths Four thousand twenty-three and forty hundredths (if attempting to preserve the unnecessary zero at the end)

How many ways can a person select four books two CD's and one dvd from ten book's twenty CD's and five DVD's?


How do you describe two ways to find the perimeter of a square?

There are three simple ways to calculate the perimeter of a square.Add the length of all sidesAdd the height and width, and multiply the total times twoMultiply the length of any side times four.

How do you write 65.24 in words?

There are several ways to write 65.24: Sixty-five point two four Sixty-five dollars and twenty-four cents (if referring to money) Sixty-five twenty-four (less formal way of referring to money) Sixty-five and twenty-four hundredths

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