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6 ways

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2015-08-16 12:17:27
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Q: How many ways can you make change for a dollar using no pennies and at most one nickel?
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How can you make change for a dollar using excatly 50 coins and using only dimes nickels and pennies?

it is impossible to get exactly one dollar with fifty coins. It requires half a nickel and half a penny, which is impossible (12.5 nickels and 37.5 pennies) if there are 12 nickels and 38 pennies, you get 98 cents if there are 13 nickels and 37 pennies, you get 102 cents

Using only three types of coins make a dollar with the greatest number of coins?

Using pennies, nickels, and dimes: 85 pennies 1 nickel 1 dime Total = 87 coins.

How can you make change for a dollar using exactly 50 coins with dime nickels and pennies?

40 pennies 8 nickles 2 dimes

How do you make exact change for 40 cents using 10 coins?

4 dimes, 1 nickel & 5 pennies

How many ways can you make change for a dollar using at most one nickel?

From my calculations, there's only 293 ways to make change for a dollar.

How do you make exact change for 55 cents using 6 coins?

A half dollar and five pennies

In how many different ways can you make change for one dollar without using pennies?

291 ways

How many ways can you make change for a dollar using only pennies and quarters?

You can use: 1 quarter and 75 pennies 2 quarters and 50 pennies 3 quarters and 25 pennies 4 quarters and no pennies 100 pennies and no quarters

How many ways can you make change for a dollar using pennies nickels dimes and or quarters?

292 ... 293 if you decide to use the dollar coin too.

What are the change combinations to make twenty five cents?

There are 12 different combinations using pennies, nickels and dimes. 25 pennies 20 pennies and 1 nickel 15 pennies and 2 nickels 15 pennies and 1 dime 10 pennies and 3 nickels 10 pennies 1 dime and 1 nickel 5 pennies and 4 nickels 5 pennies 1 dime and 2 nickels 5 pennies and 2 dimes 5 nickels 1 dime and 3 nickels 2 dimes and 1 nickel

How can you make change for 95 cents that will not make change for a quarter by using 10 coins?

1 dime 3 quarters 1 nickel 5 pennies

Dawrin has a pocket full of change yet he cant make change for a dollar half dollar quarter a dime or a nickel What is the greatest amount of money Dawrin can have in his pocket?

Assuming he is using current US coins, she has 4 pennies, 4 dimes, 1 quarter and 1 half dollar - 10 coins for a total of $1.19. He could, of course, also have any number of dollar coins as well.

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