How many ways to harm someone?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How many ways to harm someone?
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What does harm mean?

It means to have hurt someone.

Can a elaghpant that can harm someone?

If you mean "can an elephant harm someone" then yes. they actually ram things, and maybe people too

Will a 22 caliber bullet harm someone?

It will kill someone

How do humans harm soil and cause soil pollution?

By trowing trash on the soil, riding veicals,burning trash,landfills,harvesting crops and cutting.There are many ways to humans harm soil.

What word goes with the definition a desire to harm someone?

"Malice" is a word that fits the definition of a desire to harm someone. It implies a deliberate intention to cause harm or suffering to another person.

How many different ways can you kill someone with one strike in martial arts?

there are many ways hitting the temple the solar plexus or the nose.

How can you tell someone pheynotype?

There are many ways to tell someone about their phenotype. You could describe their features as this is what a phenotype is.

How do humans harm the envirnoment?

their are plenty of ways to harm the inviroment the list goes on for millions try and be more specific

What ways lithosphere can be harmful to man?

it can be harm ful as volcanoes

In what ways can human activity harm animals?

whacking them with a stick

What harm can a 200mw laser do to someone?

alot ;)

How do you forgive someone who has done harm to you?

pray for them