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4*4*4 = 64 ways.

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Q: How many ways you can write 3 letters on a tag using each of the letters abcd with repetition?
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How can you convert fourth abcd letters to first abcd letters?


What is abcd?

just abcd Actually, it is the first four letters of the alphabet. in geometry?

Are there 26 letters in ABCD...?

Yes.... -_-l!ii

What is the data type that can hold letters of the alphabet?


Write a program in c language to reverse a four digit number without using loop?

#include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> void main() { int abcd; printf("enter a 4-digit no."); scanf("%d",&abcd); a=abcd/1000; abcd=abcd%1000; b=abcd/100; abcd=abcd%100; c=abcd/1o; abcd=abcd%10; d=abcd; printf("reverse=%d",dcba); getch(); }

What kind of gametes can be made of AABbCCDd?


Can you circle the letters that name the pattern unit abcd abcb abac acba?


What would the sequence of genes be for each of the chromatids?

ABCD, abCD, abCd, abcD

How do you find the abcd of a squarE ABCD?

Define abcd!

How many letters is Boxer able to learn in animal farm?

in chapter 3 on page 21 it says he knew abcd only 4 letters

How can wild cards be used to retrieve identical files?

Because - for example - if you search for abcd*.* - the file system will search for any file beginning with the letters abcd. If you search for abcd*.txt - the system will find only files beginning abcd and having the extension .txt

What is isometry that does not change orientation?

It's a transformation that's order of the letters like ABCD of a figure don't change when transformed.

When was ABCD - film - created?

ABCD - film - was created in 2005.

What is the difference between fingerspelling and fingersigns in sign language?

One is spelling with letters (ABCD, etc), and the other is a sign that represents a word or meaning.

What is the notation for a permutations?

The Greek letter pi. pi(abcd) represents permutations of the letters in the set {a,b,c,d}.

How many ways can you arrange abcd?

Since there are 4 letters, they can be arranged 4! ways (4*3*2*1) or 24 ways.

How many four- letter combinations can be made from the the letters a b c d and e?

5. One each with one of the 5 letters left out: abcd, abce, abde, acde and bcde.

This breeds initials are abcd minus one of those letters?

The initials are acd and they stand for the American Cream Draft. It is a somewhat rarer breed of horse.

What do the letters ABCD mean in CPR?

A = Airway B = Breathing C = CPR D = Defibrillation

Why you need C programming language?

First of all one must learn the ABCD of English language then only it will be possible for him to write the language,understand the language.Similarly C is the ABCD of pragramming.So you must learn it first ,then only you can proceed for other high level language.

If polygons ABCD and EFGH are similar. What is the perimeter of ABCD?

It is k times the perimeter of EFGH where k is the constant ratio of the sides of ABCD to the corresponding sides of EFGH.

ABCD is a parallelogram. What is AD?


What are abcd?


What are the possible outcomes for ABCD?

The answer will depend on what ABCD is (or are). And since you have not bothered to provide that information, I cannot provide a sensible answer.

If Polygons abcd and efgh are similar what is the perimeter of efgh?

It is k times the perimeter of abcd where k is the constant ratio of the sides of efgh to the corresponding sides of abcd.

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