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364/7 = 52 weeks

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Q: How many weeks are in 364 days?
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How many days are 52 weeks?

364 days

How many days in 52 weeks?

52 weeks is 364 days (7 days in a week; 52 X 7 = 364. )1 week = 7 days52 x 7 = 364 daysanswer: 364 days.

How many days are in 52 weeks?

52 weeks * 7 days per week = 364 days

How many days were between July 22 2011 and July 20 2012?

364 days.364 days.364 days.364 days.364 days.364 days.364 days.364 days.364 days.364 days.364 days.

How many months in three hundred sixty four weeks?

About 84 weeks. 364 weeks is 2548 days. There are an average of 30.4 days in a month, which yields about 83.8 weeks.

How many days are in 52 weeks and one day?

52 x 7(days in a week) = 364 + 1 = 365.

How many months does 52 make?

I am guessing you mean "how many months does 52 weeks make?" 52 weeks x 7 days/week = 364 days. 364 days is one day less than a year (2 days less than a leap year). So 52 weeks is one or two days short of 12 months.

Fifty two weeks equals how much days?

52 weeks times 7 days in a week equals 364 days.

How many weeks 7 years?


How many weeks between October 1 2011 to September 30 2012?

Answer = Exactly 52 weeks. Notes: 1. Not counting 10-1-2011 or 9-30-2012, the total days between those dates = 364 days. 2. 364 days * (1 week/7 days) = 52 weeks exactly.

Is 52 weeks more than 360 days?

52 Weeks equals 364 days, which is more than 360. Yes.

What is greater 52 weeks or 365 days?

Seven days in a week. So... 52(7) = 364.

How many days are there in 364 hours?

If we approximate a day to 24 hours then 364 hours = 364/24 = 15 1/6 days.

How many days to Chirstmas?

364 days on Jaunary 1st

How much weeks in a year?

52 weeks in a year (if you want to know) 365 days in a year. Leap year 364

How many months in 364 weeks?

Approx 83.7 months.

How many days are in an year?

How many days are in a year?There are three hundred sixty five days in a year.The regular year.

How many days of a non-leap year are NOT your birthday?

364 days.

How many days are there in 52 weaks?

There are: 52*7 = 364 days

How many days were there in the year 1977?

according to the book of Enoch chapter 23 and others chapter say one year has only 364 days. which day has more hours than others? also Prophet Moses told to his people to follow the 364 days or 52 weeks when they celebrate the exile from Egypt.

What do you do to get 52 weeks in 365 days?

You don't have to do anything. Everybody gets 52 weeks in 365 days. Plus an extra day!52 x 7 = 364

How many weeks in 7 years?

There are 52 weeks in a year, so 52 weeks x 7 years = 364 weeks.

How many days and weeks are there in a year?

There are approximately 365.2425 days in a year in the Gregorian calender, and 7 days in a week. So, there are approximately 52.177 weeks per year. Rounding down gives us 52 weeks and 365 days in each year, except for leap years. Note that 52 weeks equals 364 days (52 x 7 = 364), which is not quite 1 year. The length of a year presently is closer to 365.2422 days so in the year 4000 they might adjust so that the astronomic equinoxes and solcistes realign.

How many days is in 80 weeks?

there are 560 days in 80 weeks

How many presents are in the twelve days of Christmas?

364 presents