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Usually 18 weeks.

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Q: How many weeks are in a semester?
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How many weeks for fall spring semester?


How many weeks are in a California university semester?


How many weeks are in a school semester?

In K-12 it's 18 weeks.

How many weeks of college is a semester?

Usually around 15.

How many weeks are in an on line semester?

It's similar to an on-campus semester, the course last's for 16 weeks. Fall-Thanksgiving Spring-Spring Break

How many trimesters equal one semester?

One trimester is approximately 8 weeks. One semester is approximately 16 weeks. Therefore, traditionally, two trimesters equal one full semester.

How many weeks are in an online semester?

That is strictly dependent of the specific college or university. For institutions that operate on a semester system, the length of a regular semester can range between 14 and 17 weeks. However, there are some schools that break down the semester into six weeks with an average course load of two per semester. Still, you will have to inquire at the school you have an interest in as to their preferred semester system.

How many weeks are in one high school semester?

18 weeks here in Indiana.

How many days in a college semester?

Usually 16 weeks not including holidays

How many weeks in one middle school semester?

4 weeks here Korea. Summer vacation is 4 weeks and winter vacation is 10 weeks.

How many weeks in 2nd half of 2010?

There are 52 weeks in a year, 52 weeks ÷ 2 semesters = 26 weeks per semester of a year.

How long is a term in school?

For an institution that operates on a regular two semester academic year, a term or semester would run approximately 16 weeks. A semester runs for 9 weeks

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