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It depends how much you save each week.

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Q: How many weeks will it take to save 163.15 dollars?
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How many weeks wii it take to save 45 dollars?

10 weeks

If you make 20 dollars a week how many weeks will it take you to reach 200 dollars?

Ten weeks if you save all of it.

How many weeks would it take to save 1 million dollars at 100 dollars per month?

it takes 55544000.3333 years

If you save 20.00 every two weeks how long will it take to save a millions dollars?

100,000 weeks (approx 1,923 years)

How do you save up 280 dollars fast when you get 5 dollars a week?

You wait 56 weeks

How do you save 2000 in 2 weeks?

Unless you are earning several thousand dollars every couple of weeks, you cannot save $2,000.00 in 2 weeks. However, most people can save a small amount -- anything from $1.00 to $50.00-- every week or every month.

How many years would it take to save one billion dollars?

That depends a lot how many dollars you save every year.

Jim needs to save at least $24. He can save $5 a week. For how many weeks does he need to save?


How long do you need to save up to get a Wii if you only get 8 dollars a week?

You would need about 38 weeks if it is $300. 32 weeks if you find one for $250.

Anya saves 5p each week . how many weeks will it take her to save 45p?

It will take 9 weeks.

What if your paycheck each week is 500 dollars you want to save 2000 dollars in one year how much should you set aside?

To save $2000 in 52 weeks, without earning any interest, you would have to save $38.46 from each weekly paycheck. You'll be 8 cents short.

If your paycheck is 5oo hundred dollars a week and you wanted to save 2ooo dollars in one year how much would you have to set aside each paycheck?

$2,000 / 56 weeks = about $35.714