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it takes 55544000.3333 years

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Q: How many weeks would it take to save 1 million dollars at 100 dollars per month?
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How much does droz make annually?

About if dr. Oz makes 5,000 dollars a show five days a week that's 25,000. So there are 4 weeks in a month which would be 100,000 a month so that's 1.2 million a year. -Nathan Davis

How many pennies would you need to collect in 4 weeks to get 10 million dollars?

1 billion pennies

What would 11245 million dollars be in billions?

11245 million dollars would be $11,245,000,000.00 or 11.245 billion dollars.

How many months would it take to spend 1 million dollars if you spend 1000 each month?


How much would have if you had a penny a double it each day?

In a few weeks I would be very rich. Each day I would have twice as much as the day before. By day 10 I' d have but five dollars ($5.16) but by day 20 over 5 thousand dollars ($5 242.88) and after a month, 30 days, five million dollars! ($5 368 709.12) (229)

How many million comprise a Billion dollars?

100 million dollars would equal a billion dollars

How long would it take to spend 1 billion dollars if I spent 1 million dollars a month?

One thousand months. 83 years, 4 months.

How many weeks would it take to get 200 dollars if you get 20 dollars a week?

10 weeks.

How much would a million dollars in 1830 be worth today?

A million dollars in 1830 would be worth almost $26 million today.

What would a million dollars in 1960 be worth today?

Approximately $9.5 million dollars.

What would justn bieber do if he had a million dollars?

he already has more than a million dollars

What would 1 million dollars in 1912 be worth today?

2 million dollars

Adjusted for inflation how much would 30 million dollars in 1869 be worth today?

About 15 million dollars. About 15 million dollars.

How long would it take to pay back 5000 dollars at 200 a month?

It would take two years and one month to pay 5000 dollars back at 200 dollars a month.

If you make 18 every two weeks how many months will it take to have 2300 dollars?

There are 4 weeks in a month. That would give you $36 a month. $2300 divided by $36 = 63.8 months. Just a little over 5 years.

How much would a million dollars be back in the 1800s?

$ 1 million of today's dollars would be worth $52,944 in 1800. 1 million in 1800 would be worth 18.87 million today.

How many month is 85 weeks?

There are 52 weeks in a year. And if we say that each month has 4 weeks, this would mean that 85weeks would equate to about 20 months. =)

What is 33 percent of 1 2 million dollars?

It would be 3.96 million dallars - or dollars.

If someone gave you a million dollars would you take it?

I would Definitely except a million dollars from anyone....๐Ÿ˜ƒBut Who would give it to me?๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฐ

Which way is correct 6million or 6 million dollars?

It would be $6 million dollars with the space between the 6 and the million.

What is the payout on 40 to 1 odds betting 1 million dollars?

You would win 40 million dollars and also get your 1 million dollars back.

If you earn 10 dollars a week how many weeks would it take to earn a hundred dollars?

10 weeks

What would 1 million dollars in 1950 be worth today?

It would be worth around 9 million dollars based on inflation.

What would 7 million dollars in 1964 be worth today?

7 Million dollars. If you had 7m then, now it would still be 7m

If you had million dollars right now what would do with it?

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