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Q: How many wheelbarrows does it take to move 10 ton of gravel?
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How many wheel barrels does it take to move 7 tons?

There are a couple problems with the statement of the problem. First off, "wheel barrels" are not a standard tool of moving. I suspect the asker should have asked about "wheelbarrows". Secondly, 7 tons of what? Since wheelbarrows do not have standard sizes and 7 tons specifies weight rather than volume, 7 tons of dandelion fluff would require a great many wheelbarrows simply because of the volume. On the other hand, the number of wheelbarrows required to move 7 tons of 1mm lead balls would mostly depend on the strength of the person or persons doing the moving. If, for example, the wheelbarrow can hold 6 cubic feet of material, 6 cubic feet of lead balls would weigh more than 600 pounds. Few realistic workers could move a wheel barrow loaded with 600 pounds of material.

How many cubic feet does a standard wheelbarrow hold?

Wheelbarrows come in many sizes. I would say even a large one would take 5-6 loads to make a cubic yard.

How much sand clay gravel and humus does it take to make soil?

25%-sand 255-clay 25%-gravel 25%-humus

How many bags of quickrete does it take to equal one bag of portland cement with sand and gravel mix?

well concrete mix is a 1/3 gravel , 1/3 sand and 1/3 portland cement . I hope this helps.

How many years will take it los angeles to move 1000 meter north?

how many years will take it los angeles to move 1000 meters north

If a truck holds 20 yards gravel how many truck loads will take to cover 7000 sq feet at 6 inches thick?


How much gravel will it take to cover 3100 square feet at 3 inches deep?

You'll need about 28.704 cubic yards (37 tons) of gravel.

How much gravel wouldd it take to cover a 20 feet X 30 feet parking lot at 3in deep?

5.55 cubic yards of gravel

What would cause a red eared sliders back feet to bleed?

If you have sharp or jagged rocks or gravel at the bottom of your tank could be rubbing out on turtle's legs. I suggest that you put some smoother gravel in or just take out the gravel or rocks!

How do catfish eat?

Catfish eat using there mouth. Most are bottom feeders. They usually gulp or suck in gravel, take everything they want off it and spit out the gravel.

For school we have to make a water filter with only three layers do you think fine gravel coarse gravel and cotton balls are good layers and in which order and will brown dirty watercome out clear?

I suggest you put the coarse gravel on top, the fine gravel in the middle and the cotton balls on the bottom. The less gaps in the material the more dirt will get trapped. The coarse gravel will take a small amount of the dirt out. Then the fine gravel will take out more and finally the cotton balls will most likely take out the rest leaving an evenly distributed amount of dirt in each layer. If the cotton balls are on top then the dirt would fill the cotton balls and some of it might still come through then the layers of gravel may not be effective to such small pieces of dirt.

How much threepenny bits would it take to buy a mini in the 1960?

It would depend on which part of the 1960's you refer to, but probably two wheelbarrows full might do it.