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Each tricycle has three wheels, and there are two tricycles. So: 2 tricycles x 3 wheels = 6 wheels

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When a bicycle has three wheels instead of one it is called a?

Unicycles have one wheel. Bicycles have two. And tricycles have three.

How many wheels does a velocipede have?

A velocipede has two wheels

What is the rod between two wheels?


How many wheels are there on a rickshaw?


How many wheels does a tandem have?


How many wheels does a moped have?


How many wheels on airbus A 318 100?

6. There are two mains, both with two wheels, and two on the nose gear.

How many wheels does a motorcycle have?

A motorcycle has two or three wheels.

How many different types of Civic wheels are there?

There are two types of wheels for the Honda Civic. The two types are alloy wheels and steel wheels. Alloy wheels are considered more stylish, lightweight, and durable than steel wheels.

How many wheels did the first bicycle have?

The "bi" in bicycle means "two", so to be a true bicycle it has to have two wheels.

How many bicycles have 2 wheels?

All bicycles have two wheels. The prefix bi- means two. A unicycle has one wheel and a tricycle has three wheels.

How many wheels did the penny farthing have?


How many wheels does a tandem bike have?


How many wheels does a Mountain Bike Have?


How many wheels did chariots have?

Chariots had two wheels, but the number of horses pulling the chariot varied.

How many wheels does a motorbike have?

'Motorbike' is short for motor bicycle, and a bicycle is a vehicle with two wheels.

How many wheels are on a car?

IGNORE THIS -four wheels two on each side + a spare tire + the steering wheel = six wheels

How many wheels are on a motorcycle?

there are 2 wheels on a motorcycle.Motorcycles historically have two wheels, however motorcycles often referred to as trikes are commonly available that have three wheels

How many tires does a Boeing 747 have?

The Boeing 747 has four main trucks...two body trucks and two wing trucks. Each truck has four wheels and there are two nose wheels for a total of 18 wheels.

How many wheels did the first patented motorcycle have?

Pch answer is: Two

How many wheels does Lego mind storms shooter bot have?

There are two wheels the InventorBot shoots in Lego Mindstorms.

How many axles on a motorcycle?

That depends on how many wheels the motorcycle has. Technically if it has two wheels, then it has two axles. Every wheel has its own axle. But some people would say that if the wheels are parallel to each other then that would count as one axle, like in a ragular car with four wheels.

What is the one similarity between mountain bikes and road bikes?

They both have two wheels.

How many legs does a biped have?

Bi means two. A biped has two legs; a bicycle has two wheels.

How many rotors on Jeep Cherokee?

Usually two - on the front wheels.