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five whole

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Q: How many wholes are in 20 quarters?
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Related questions

How many quarters are in five wholes?

twenty 5 / 0.25 = 20

How many wholes in 27 quarters?

27/4 = 6 wholes and a remainder of 3 quarters.

How many quarters make up 2 wholes?

4 quarters make a whole, so 8 quarters would make up 2 wholes.

How many quarters are in four wholes?

There are 16.

how many fourths are in two wholes?

There are 8 fourths (also called 'quarters') in 2 wholes (or just plain, '2' )

How many quarters are in two wholes?

i think four or 8 buti know its not 22

How many quarters in 8?

There are 32 quarters in 8. There are 4 quarters in 1 whole so therefore there are 32 quarters in 8 wholes.

How many quarters are in 4 wholes?

There are 16 because 16/4 = 4

How many one- fourths are there in 5 wholes?


How many quatres are there in 26 wholes?

26/4 = 6.5, so there are 6 and 1/2 quarters in 26 wholes.

How many halves are there in 10 wholes?


How much money is 5000 quarters?

5000 quarters is 1250 wholes. As to how much money - it depends on what your currency is used in your country.

How many tenths make up two wholes?

There are ten tenths in a whole. Therefore: 10 X 2 = 20 (twenty tenths in two wholes).

How many quarters are there in 2 wholes and three quarters?

4/4 + 4/4 + 3/4 = 11/4 Answer: eleven

How much is 16 quarters?

4 wholes

How much is 100 quarters?

100 quarters = 100*1/4 = 25 wholes.

How many tenths are there in 2 wholes?


How much is 12 quarters?

Twelve quarters equals three 'wholes', or three units, or three dollars if you are talking about US currency.

How many quarters in three wholes?


How much does 67 quarters equal?

16.75 wholes.

How many wholes are the same as 20 fourths?


How many fifths are there in 4 wholes?

20If you have 4 wholes, and you want to know how many fifths there are, look in the name of "fifths", there are 5 fifths in a whole, so if you have 4 wholes, you will have 20 fifths.I hope this answered you question to the fullest.

What is 2 wholes minus one and 1and4?

three quarters

How many quarters are in 4.75?

4.75 = 475/100 which can be simplified to 19/4 so there are 19 quarters. Alternatively, 4.75 = 4 + 0.75. There are 4 quarters in a whole so there are 4*4 = 16 quarters in 4 wholes. And 0.75 = three quarters and so there are three quarters in 0.75 Therefore, 16+3 = 19 quarters.

How many quarters makes up 2 wholes?

Each quarter is one fourth so you'd need 8.