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4 (#ofdaysaweek)*4(#ofweeks)=16 days a month

16*12(#ofmonths)=192 days a year.

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Q: How many work days in a year for a job working 4 days a week?
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How many working days will there be in 2009 if my employer works 5 days a week and we get 7 holidays?

The number of working days depends on the company you work for. How many paid holidays are there? Are they open 5 days a week or 6 or 7 days a week?

How many days a week do nurses work?

It depends on how many days a week they have to work.

How many work days in 10 weeks?

Based on a standard 5 day working week, there would be 50 work days in 10 weeks.

On what day does the workweek begin for Muslims?

Friday is weekly holiday for Muslims. Accordingly the work week start by wither Saturday (for those working for six days a week) or Sunday (for those working five days a week). The majority work five days/week.

How many days do actors work per week?

How many days do actors have to work per week?

How many days hoilday are you entitled to if you work 3 days a week?

Different countries have different laws, so it depends on where in the world you are working.

Favorite day of week for working people?

It depends on which days they work

How many days of the week does a farmer work?

Seven days a week

How many working hours make up a year?

In the U.S., either 2,088 hours or 1,928 hours is often used as a standard work year for HR purposes. The latter figure accounts for 20 work days of annual leave. Full year (no leave) Work hours -- 2,088 Work week -- 52.2 Work days -- 261 Full year (with 4 week leave) Work hours -- 1,928 Work week -- 48.2 Work days -- 241

How many working days in a week in srilanka?

5.5 days mon to fri= full day sat = half day work sun= sleep in :)

How many working days in a month?

I'm assuming the question is "How many work days in a month?" Depends on the month and if there are holidays that month or now. February can be 20 work days but if President's Day is on a week day it's 19. August a month of 31 days and no holidays this year has 21 work days.

How many days a week does a football player work?

About 45 days a week