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There are 30 working days in six weeks.

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Q: How many working days in six weeks?
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How many weeks is 41.7 days?

41.7 days is about six weeks.

How many weeks are in 90 days?

12 weeks & six days.

How many days are six weeks?

42 days. 7 days x 6 weeks = 42 days.

How many weeks are in 36525 days?

5217 weeks, but with six days left over.

What is day twiny six how many weeks and days?

Assuming that you mean twenty six, then divide by 7 to get 3 weeks and 5 days.

How many weeks are their in 42 days?


How many days in six weeks?


How many weeks are forty days?

There are seven days in a week. 40/7=5.714 or about six weeks.

How many days arethere in thirty six weeks?

There are 252 days

How many day are in six weeks?

42 days

How many days in six school weeks?


How many weeks in 43 days?

The simplistic answer is six, as 6x7 = 42. However this also depends on the definition of a 'week'. It also depends on whether we are talking about full weeks, or parts of. Working in the UK Department of Works and Pensions I might look at this as to how many benefit weeks are covered by 43 days. Good question!

How many days are in six weeks?

There are 7 days in a week, so 7 days per week x 6 weeks = 42

How many weeks til June 3rd from today?

two weeks and six days

If your weeks were six days long how many weeks would be in a year?

60.875 (Apprx)

How many weeks are in six centuries?

There are 31285 weeks and 5 days in 6 centuries

How many days are in 6 weeks?

There are 42 days in six weeks, since there are seven days in a week. 7x6=42.

How many days holidays do nurses get per year in Ireland?

Six weeks and three days

What is 6 weeks in days?

Six weeks is 42 days (6X7).

26 weeks is how many weeks?

Um ..... 26 weeks. There are 182 days in 26 weeks (about half a year or six months).

How many days until spring i the groundhog doesn't see his shadow?

Six weeks

How many days take egg of butterfly to turn into a caterpillar?

Five to six weeks.

how many days will take for passport?

It takes about four to six weeks for a passport to be processed.

How many days is five years two months three weeks and six days?

1913 Days considering 1 leap year

You are 26 weeks pregnant today how many months and days is this?

26 weeks is half a year, so that's six months.