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Q: How many yaers is a million months?
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What does 2 and a half yaers old mean?

It means being alive for two years and 6 months.

How many yaers did kalpana chawla spend in space?


How many yaers old have Hannah Montana?

16 years of age!

How many seconds in three months?

Five million

How many seconds are in 11 months?

Depending on the months and whether or not it is a leap year, between 28.9 million and 29.1 million seconds.

What did Alfred wegener name the gigantic super continent that existed 200 million yaers ago?

Pangaea. It means "all the land" in Greek.

How many earth yaers does it take neptune to orbit the does?

165 Earth Years

1 million second is how many months?

1 million second will not take a months it is only around 11 1/2 days...

How many months are in 1 million years?

12 million months 1 million years = 1000000 years 1 year = 12 months You know that 1 year has 12 months, so 1000000 years has x months. You set up an equation: 1/12 = 1000000/x x = 1000000*12 = 12000000 months = 12 million months

How many seconds in 18 months?

47.3 million, approx.

How many months does grass grow in a year?


How long ago was the Jurassic era?

It lasted 64 million years.