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1 yard = 3 feet

Hence, 240 feet is equal to 80 yards.

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Q: How many yards are equal to 240 feet of string?
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If you have 8 feet of string you need 2 yards of the string how many feet of string should you cut off?

2 yards=6 feet.

Seven yards is equal to how many feet?

Seven yards is equal to twenty-one feet

How many yards and feet equal 56 feet?

18 yards 2 feet

How many yards will equal 36 feet?

3 feet equal one yard so 36 feet are equal to 12 yards.

How many feet is in three equal yards?

There are 9 feet in three equal yards all together

How many yards equal 417 feet?

417 feet = 139 yards.

How many yards equal 7 feet?

Seven feet = 2.3 yards.

493 feet equal how many yards?

493 feet are 164.333333 yards

How many feet equal 2 yards?

Six feet = two yards.

Fourteen yards equal how many feet?

14 yards are 42 feet.

How many yards equal to 33 feet?

11 yards=33 feet.

123456789 yards is equal to how many feet?

123,456,789 yards = 370,370,367 feet