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There are exactly 105 yards in 105 yards with no inches left over.

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Q: How many yards are in 105 yards with how many inches left over?
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How many yards are in fifty two inches?

1 and you have 16 inches left over

How many yards in 90ins?

Two and 18 inches left over

How many yards are there in 145 inches?

4 yrds and some left over inches. Exact answer is 4.02777778.

4 inches equal how many yards and inches?

4 inches equals 4 inches, their are 36 inches needed to make one yard lol.In order to find how many yards in an inch with inches left over, the amount of inches has to be at least 36, then simply use old school division to find the answer (division with a no decimal remainder). For example how many yards with inches left over in 37 inches? 37/36=1 R 1 or 37 inches divides into one group of 1 yard (36) with 1 left over (remainder is the inches left over. Or simply take I/36=Y (any answer with a remainder is number of inches left over). I=inches you wish to find out how many yards are in, the number of inches must be 36 or more for this to work correctly. R I =if its a remainder the remainder is the number of inches left over 38/36=1 r 2 38 inches have one yard (36) and 2 inches left over

How many yards are in 10 feet what is left over?

3 yards with 1 foot left over.

What does 45 inches make in yards?

One yard is 36 inches. There would be 9 inches left over.

How many yard of material do you need for 11 feet and 8 inches?

4 yards is 12 feet, so you would have 4 inches left over

Mark needed 140 inches of string for a project the string was sold by the yard how many yards of string does he need to by?

A yard is 36 inches 4 yards is 36 x 4 = 144. He'd have 4 inches left over.

How many inches are in 5 over 12 yards?

5/12 yd = 15 inches

About how many yards are in 74 inches?

Just barely over 2. (2.05)

How many feet in 134 inches?

11 with 2 inches left over.

How many yards of concrete do you need if the square footage is 3100 by 2 inches thick?

It should be a little over 19 yards.

How Many Meters Does Fifty Yards Equal?

One meter is 39 inches. One yard is 36 inches. 50 yards is therefore just over 46 meters.

How many 2 feet are in 5 yards?

there are seven two feet in five yards with one foot left over.

How many yards of mulch will it take to cover 1525 square feet 3 inches deep?

Just over 10 yards. (10.2)

How many yards in 4 feet?

One yard. There is one foot left over.

How many feet in 41 inches?

3 full feet, and then some inches are left over.

How many will 1.3 feet have left over 1 yard?

There are 3 feet in a yard. If you take away 1.3 from 3 you get: 1.7 yards left over.

How many times will 16 inches go into 38 feet 10 inches?

29 times, with 2 inches left over.

How many meters are in 22 yards?

1 metre = 39 inches approx. 22 yards = 66 feet = 792 inches 792 / 39 = 20.3 approx. So just over 20 metres

Over a two-hour time period a snail moved 72 inches. How far is this in yards?

2 yards.

68 Inches is how many feet?

A foot is 12 inches, 5x12=60 plus 8 left over= 5'8"

How many feet is 16.0 inches?

Answer1 Foot with 4 Inches left over. 1 n 3/4.

What does 16 yards minus 3 yards 2 feet and 10 inches equal?

Depends in what unit you want an answer in... It equals a little over 10metres, and/or a little over 12 yards...

How many yards of concrete will it take to pour 500sq ft 4 inches deep?

It is about 166.67 cubic feet and you will need just over 6.17 cubic yards of concrete.