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In the National Football League, after a touchdown the ball is placed at the two yard line. In College Football, after a touchdown the ball is placed at the three yard line. The kicker usually sets up seven yards behind the line of scrimmage. That would make a PAT around 19-20 yards in length.

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Q: How many yards does the football travel to go across the goalpost in a PAT?
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How long is a varsity football field?

100 yards or 300 feet, goalpost to goalpost

What unit would you use to measure the perimeter of a football field?

A football field is measured in yards. The officiallength of one field is 120 yards from goalpost to goalpost.

How many yards across a football field?

A football field across is 53.3 yards.

What is the length and breadth of a football goalpost?

An American football field is 120 yards long (100 yard from end zone to end zone). It is also 53.3 yards wide. This translates into 6,400 square yards of playing area.

How long are football fields across?

53 yards

What is Football field sideline width?

40 yards across.

How can you get a football to travel over 75 yards?

kick it hard.

Whats the length of a football field from goal post to goal post?

In American Football (NFL, NCAA, 11-man High School) it is 100 Yards. In Canadien Fooball it is 110 Yards. Some states have 8-man or 6-man football in high school. The field is reduced to 80 yards. What is it in feet?????????????100/3= 33 1/3

In football how many yards must an onsides kick travel before it becomes a legal kick?

10 yards

How many yards is in a NFL endzone?

In the NFL the endzone is 10 yards deep from goal line to goalpost and 53 1/3 yards from sideline to sideline

How long takes light to travel across a football field?

Light travels 186,300 miles per second. A football field is 100 yards long.Did you know that Google has a built-in calculator, and can do easy conversions?Like this...Type in "100 yards in light-seconds".100 yards = 3.05011009 × 10-7 light-seconds

How many yards does the football travel if you pass it from your 36-yard line to your opponents 36-yard line?