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It is: 4 times 4 = 16 square yards

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How many square yards in a 12ft x 15ft room?

That's a total of 20 square yards.

How many yards equal 12ft?

There are: 12/3 = 4 yards

How many cubic yards are in a box that measures 12ft x 9ft x 9ft?

There are: 4*3*3 = 36 cubic yards Remember: 3 feet = 1 yard

How many yards of concrete for 2ft x 12ft cylinder?

This cylinder will require 1.4 cubic yards of concrete (this assumes a length of 12' and a width of 2').

How many yards in a 18ft by 12ft room?

There are: 6*4 = 24 square yards

How many sq feet is 12 x 12?

12ft x 12ft =144 ft2

How many yd are in 12ft?

There are 4 yards in 12 feet

How much concrete to pour a 12ft by 12ft slab?

12 x 12 feet, 4 inches deep: 1.8 cubic yards, minimum.

How many square yards is 12ft plus 9ft equals?

how many square yards of carpet will they need for a dining room9ft and 12ft, a hall 3ft and 6ft, a living room 12f and 15ft

How many square yards in a room size 14ft by 12ft?

There is a total of about 18.67 sq. yards in the room.

What is 12ft x 20ft squared?

(12ft x 12ft) square =144 sq ft. 12ft x (12 ft square) is 1728 cu ft.

How many yards of concrete is need to do a 12ft x 12ft patio?

This needs more information to supply a "best" answer. A 12ft by 12ft patio gives a surface area of 16 sq.yds. A yard of concrete is a cubic yard. The number of cubic yards depends on the thickness of the slab, and the size and depth of foundations (if any). This depends on the type of soil and subsoil, and whether you have very cold winters. If you live in a warm area, 3 yards is probably about right. If you are planning to do this yourself, try asking your local building inspector for his advice.

How many square yards in 12ft by 24ft?

12' x 24' = 288 square feet 9 square feet = 1 square yard 288 square feet = 32 square yards

How many yards of concrete will cover 12ft x 60ft x1ft?

27 cubic yards.will cover 720 square feet @ 1 foot thick

How many square ft are in a 12 x 12 ft square?

12ft * 12ft = 144sqft Answer: 144

How many square feet is a room 12 x 12?

There are: 12ft*12ft = 144 square feet

A rectangle measures 12ft x 9ft what is the area?

12 * 9 = 108 square feet = 12 square yards

How many yards are in a 12ft by12ft room?

A room 12 foot by 12 foot = 4 yards by 4 yards. 4 * 4 = 16 square yards (sq yds or yards2)

12ft x 12ft by 3 inCHES equals how many yards?

12 ft * 12 ft * 3in is a measure of volume with dimensions [L3]. A yard is a measure of distance, with dimensions [L]. They measure different things and there is no direct conversion between the two measures.

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