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1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet

6 inches = 1/2 foot

Volume of the ditch = (12 x 78 x 1/2) = 468 cubic feet = 17 1/3 cubic yards

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Q: How many yards of dirt would it take to fill an area 12 feet wide by 78 feet long by 6 inches high?
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How many cubic yards of dirt will it take to fill an area 12 inches wide by 25 feet long by 4 inches high?

Sorry the first answer was in square yds. Cubic yards would be 0.308639

How big of an area will 1 ton of dirt cover 3 inches thick?

Roughly 12 square yards.

How many yards of dirt do you need to fill an area that is 16 ft long x 10 feet wide x 2 inches deep?

You need 5 1/3 yards of dirt 10 feet wide and 2 inches deep which is approx 0.99 cubic yards

How do you calculate the amount of stone that is needed to cover 7000 sq ft of dirt with 4 inches of stone as measured in yards... I would guess they mean cubic yards?

Well, you would take the 7000 square feet of dirt and multiply it by the four inches of stone to get the 28000 cubic yards of stone. (28000 yds³)

How many yards of dirt would it take to fill an area of 747 square feet?

You are mixing volume (square yard) and area (length x width). How deep do you want the dirt? One foot deep you need about 80 square yards of dirt.

How many yards of dirt would it take to fill an area 30 feet wide by 30 feet long by 4 feet deep?

When you buy yards of dirt you are really buying cubic yards. So change your dimensions to yards and multiply together; 10 x 10 x 1.33 = 133 cubic yards. So you would buy 133 yards of dirt.

If you figured an area is 600 cubic yards how many yards of dirt do you need to fill that area?

It will take 800 cubic yards 1/3 compaction.

How many cubic feet of dirt are in a hole 6 yards long 2 yards wide and 12 inches deep?

It is a hole! There is no dirt in it. If the question asked how much was removerd from ta hole, then I would say 432 cubic feet.

How many yards of dirt for 1200 square feet 6 inches thick?

22.2222 cubic yards (the 2s keep on going).

How many pounds of dirt would be in a yard?

How many pounds are in 10 yards of dirt

How many yards of dirt would it take to fill an area 15 feet long by 5 feet wide and 1 foot deep?

About 3 yards with a little left over. 2.78 yards.

How much dirt is required to cover a 15x20 foot section of ground with about 2 inches of coverage?

About two yards. One yard of dirt is 36 inches on a side, or 46,656 cubic inches. 15x20 foot by 2 inches is 86,400 cubic inches.

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