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15.833... [cubic] yards.

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Q: How many yards of topsoil to cover 855 sq feet at 6 inches deep?
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How many yards of topsoil do you need to cover an area 8' x 12' x 3 deep?

if that is 3 ft deep it would require 96 yards... IF it is 3 inches deep it would require 24 cubic yards

How many cubic yards of topsoil are in one square yard of land 20 inches deep?

You already have a square yard of topsoil, so how does 20 inches of depth get you the volume of topsoil? There are 36 inches in a yard, and you have 20 inches of topsoil depth that's 20/36ths of a yard of topsoil depth. That's 0.555... or about 0.56 yards. The volume of topsoil is 1 yard by 1 yard by 0.56 yards, or about 0.56 cubic yards of topsoil.

How many yards of sand to cover 594 square feet at 4 inches deep?


How much will 1 ton of mulch cover?

15 square yards at 3 inches deep.

What are the dimensions of 6.5 cubic yards of mulch?

1 cubic yard will cover 15 square yards at 3 inches deep.

How much area does a yard of topsoil cover?

That depends upon how deep the soil bed is and how much moisture is in the topsoil. But here are some ballpark numbers for you: A yard of soil will cover a 10' by 10' area to a depth of three inches. In other words, figure a third of a yard per 100 square feet for every inch of depth. Length x width x # of inches deep divided by 324 = the number of cubic yards needed for that task.

How many yards of mulch will it take to cover 1500 square feet 2 inches deep?


How much dirt is required to cover 1 acre 6 inches deep?

806.66 Cubic Yards

How many yards of soil does it take to cover 875 square feet 6 inches deep?


How many yards of topsoil for a 40 inch wide 60ft long 2ft deep hole?

14.8 yards

How many yards of mulch will it take to cover 1525 square feet 3 inches deep?

Just over 10 yards. (10.2)

How many cubic yards of gravel to cover 12'by 15' area?

62/3 cubic yards for every 1-foot deep. 5 cubic yards for every 9-inches deep. 31/3 cubic yards for every 6-inches deep. 5/9 cubic yard for every 1-inch deep.

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