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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How many years are from the year 1ad to 2010?
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What year comes before 1AD?

The year that comes before 1AD is 1BC. there's no 0 (Zero) AD.

Did the year start from one?

Yes, the first year of our current systems was 1AD. There was no year zero. Zero is nothing, so it cannot have something attached to it. 1BC preceded 1AD. There was no year in between these two. It is just like there is no day between the last day of one month and the first day of the next month. Right from the 1st of January 1AD we were in the year 1AD though the year was not complete until it ended. Your starting point of zero was at the very beginning of the year. The year prior to that zero point was the year immediately before it, so there is no intervening year. We went from 1BC to 1AD, not from 1BC to year 0 to 1AD.

What year did anno domini start?


What year comes after 1 bc?


How many years were there between 100 BC and 100 AD?

199. when christ was born the date started at 1ad

How much between 15BC and AD?

BC stands for Before the Common Era- Common era starts . You would count 15 years to 1 AD. If your question is how many years from 15BC and the first day of the year 1AD your answer would be 15 years.

Was ad in the first century?

The first century AD consists of the years 1AD to 100AD.

What day is the first day of the first year of the first millennium?

The 1st of January 1AD.

Was it 1AD after Jesus died?

AD, or Anno Domini, means 'the year of our Lord' and began the year of Christ's birth.

Who many yeaes between 100 BCE and 500 CE?

Excluding 100BC and 500AD, there are: In BC: 99BC to 1BC = 99 years In AD: 1AD to 499AD = 499 years In total 99 + 499 = 598 years. Including 100BC and 500AD, there are: In BC: 100BC to 1BC = 100 years In AD: 1AD to 500AD = 500 years In total 100 + 500 = 600 years. You may be wondering about the lack of year 0. The BC/AD system of calendar was devised by an abbot called Dionysius Exiguus in the year designated as 247 anno Diocletiani (year of Diocletian). However, as Diocletian was a notorious persecutor of Christians, and so Dionysius decided to use anno Domini (year of the Lord) to describe the year; he worked out Christ had been born some 531 years earlier; in his time zero did not exist (as a concept) and so his first year, the year of Christ's birth, became 1AD (with the previous year now being known as 1BC). Thus 247 anno Diocletian became 531 anno Domini in the calendar system we now use.

Did the years start from year 1?

Yes - there was NO 'year zero' - we went from 1BC to 1AD. In the western calendar, the years are calculated from a year called "1", although in that year it wasn't known as that. It was calculated many years later by trying to work out when Jesus Christ was born, but errors were made in the calculation, so it is probable He was born about 4BC. Around that time years were named according to a Roman system. The Muslim calendar, and the Chinese Calendar and many others adopt different baselines for naming years.

How many years difference is there between 250 CE and 250 BCE?

The years between are the years from 249 BC to 1BC, and 1AD to 249AD, ie. 498 years.

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