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9 months

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Q: How many years did francine Hughs do in prison?
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How many years was Joseph in prison?

The bible does not mention the number of years.

Why did the New Testament take so long to write?

It took many years to do it, some say 400 years . as it is written by many people in different places like prison, exile and this had to be found put in place , all took a lot of time.

How many children does albert camus have?

Albert Camus had two children with his second wife Francine Faure, a boy and a girl named John and Catherine.

How many lateral faces does a pentagon prison have?


Joseph went to prison for how many years?

It isn't specified in the bible the exact timespan of his prison sentence. He was sold into slavery when he was about 17. His owner's wife falsely accused him of trying to seduce her and he was jailed. When he was released from prison, he was 30 years old. So, we can assume he was jailed between 10-13 years. We know that Joseph was 17 when sold as a slave and that he was 30 years of age when he stood before Pharaoh. We also know that he dreamed about the sun, the moon and eleven stars, totaling thirteen heavenly bodies. These heavenly bodies were created on the fourth day of creation as signs for times and seasons and years. Therefore I believe that the first year of his slavery was, when he found favor in the eyes of his master, as the moon becomes full. During the second year in his master's house the wife of his master tried to seduce him, but his forbearance being as brilliant as the sun kept him from sinning. However the wife lied when she accused Joseph of attempted rape so that he was thrust into prison, where he spent eleven years (including the two that served as a heavenly punishment for trusting in a human to free hem). Thus the thirteen years are accounted for showing that he spent eleven years in prison. Shimsar