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Bosie State 13-0 2006

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Q: How many years has it been since there was an undefeated team in the NCAA?
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What NCAA teams have been undefeated?


What years were the Cleveland Browns undefeated when they were the Baltimore Ravens?

The Browns were never undefeated and they were never the Baltimore Ravens. They have been the Cleveland Browns since 1946.

How many time have the colts been undefeated?

Since 1968 was the last time they were undefeated in their division

How many NCAA football teams have gone undefeated all season?

There have been over 100 undefeated football teams in NCAA history. The most recent was the 2013 champion, Florida State (14-0).

How long has it been since the New Orleans Saints been undefeated?

The NO Saints have never been undefeated for a whole season. Maybe one or two teams have done that, but it is very rare.

How many years has the NCAA been around?

The NCAA first was founded on March 31, 1906 as IAAUS and later in 1910 was named NCAA. The NCAA is split into three divisions.

Has the Seahawks been undefeated?


Did the University of Florida basketball team make it to the NCAA tournament?

No, for the past two years, the University of Florida has not been intivited to the NCAA's but has been a number one seed in the NIT for the past two years

Are the raiders undefeated or have the raiders ever been undefeated?

only before the season started.

How many times have the cowboys been undefeated?

The Dallas Cowboys have never had an undefeated season.

How many years have there been since 1776?

How many years have there been since 1776?

How many years has it been since 1958?

it has been 52 years since 1958

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