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Q: How many years is 120 units One of the college said you had to take 120 units How long is that in years?
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How many credits equals 2.5 years of college?

It is about 60-70 units. Two years amounts to 60 units if someone is going full time with 12-15 units a term.

How many credits to get an AA degree in Mental Health?

An AA is generally 50-60 units or the first 2 years of college. Contact your college.

How many years do neonatologist nurses go to college for?

you have to take 14 years of education its long but you get a BIG salary!

How many years do marine scientists have to go to college?

Long enough to obtain a Master's Degree which is usually about six years.

How long does it take become a meteoroligist?

It takes about a couple years depending on however many years you've been in college.

How many years of college for astromomy?

You have to do 2 years of college.

How many years did Mary pope osborne go to college?

Not long enough by all accounts

How many years of college lawyer?

How many years of college before law school?

How many years do you have to be in college for chemist?

About 4 years of studing in college

How many years of college to be an actress?

2 years of college x

How many years of college experience needed to be in the WNBA?

How many years are needed in college to be in the WNBA?

How many years of college do you need to be a hair stylist?

College is not required to become a hair stylist, but Cosmetology school is.