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About 13,318 year

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Q: How many years is 7 billion minutes?
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Trick question How many years is .7 billion years?

If we use the American billion, it is 700 million years. If we use the British billion, it is 700,000 million years.

How many minutes in 7 years?

3 681 641.36 minutes

How many years would it take to count to 7 billion?

If you counted 1 number per second, it would take 220 years to count to 7 billion.

How many mintues are in 7 years?

3,679,200 minutes

Was the earth around 7 billion years ago?

No, the earth wasn't around 7 billion years ago. Earth formed about 4.6 billion years ago.

How many times will 1 go into 7 billion?

7 billion ÷ 1 = 7 billion.

What is the furthermost length that a jet has traveled?

7 billion billion years

Will the sun die after 500 billion years?

No, the sun won't die after 500 billion years. The sun will die in roughly 7 billion years.

When will the earth turn 7 billion years old?

The Earth is currently 4.5 billion years, so in approximately 2.5 billion years time.

How many years can the sun continue to exist in its present stable state?

Perhaps 7 to 8 billion years.

How many people like fish?

alot7 billion7 billionalot 14 billion

How many are left in the wild?

Close to 7 billion Close to 7 billion

How many crores make 7 billion?

700 crores = 7 billion

Is a redshift of 7 equal to a light travel distance of nearly 13 billion years?

Yes, a redshift of 7 does equal to a light travel distance of nearly 13 billion years (i.e. 12.9 billion years).

Is a redshift of 0.8 equal to a light travel distance of nearly 7 billion years?

Yes, a redshift of 0.8 does equal to a light travel distance of nearly 7 billion years (i.e. 6.9 billion years).

How many hundred thousands are in 7 billion?

There are 70,000 hundred-thousands in 7 billion.

How many millions in 7 billion?

1 billion = 1,000 million 2 billion = 2,000 million . . 7 billion = 7,000 million

What is the worlds maximum population?

It is now 7 .1 billion but Africa itself is to add 5 billion more in 30-50 years.

How many people are there in the whole world?

The estimate is 7.4 billion people on the planet Earth7 billion

How many ones are in 7 billions?

7 billion None. 7 billion has one seven and the rest are zeros

When will the sun go out?

Scientists say that the sun will go out in around 8 billion years!The sun will die in about 7 billion years.

How many minutes are in 28 years?

By multiplication, this would be 14,726,880 minutes.There are 1440 minutes per day. There are 365 days in a year, so 525,600 minutes in a year. So 28 years would be 14,716,800 minutes, except that 28 years will have 7 leap years, so add 7 x 1440 for those 7 extra days [10,080 minutes].You reach the same value by multiplying the minutes per day by 365.25 (the Julian year) and then by 28 years.However, by the "SI year" of exactly 31556926 seconds, the number of minutes in 28 years (multiplied by 28 and divided by 60) would be 14,726,565.47 minutes in 28 years.

How many people are the on Earth?

Almost 7 billion. 7 billion person is predicted to be born in India.

How long did the Olympics go away for?

7 billion years

How many minutes equals 7 hours?

How many minutes in one hour? Multiply that number by 7.1 hour = 60 minutes7 hours = (7 x 60) = 420 minutesThere are 420 minutes in 7 hours.1hour=60 minutes7x60=420 minutesThere are 420 minutes in 7 hours