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A century is 100 years.

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Q: How many years is in one century?
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How many years equal to a century?

There are 100 years in one century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

How many years equal a century?

1/100 of a century equals one year. One hundred years equal a century.

How many years make a century?

100 yearsThere are one hundred years in a century.

How many things in one century?

one hundred years

How many years is one score and nine centuries?

A score of years is 20 years. A century is 100 years.

How many year is a century?


How many years are there in three centuries?

300 years is three centuries. 100 years is one century.

How many years nin century?

There are 100 years in a century

How many centuries in 1 decade?

There are ten decades in one century. 1 decade = 10 years. 1 century = 100 years. So 1 century = 10 decades.

How many years is 21st century?

each century is 100 years

How many years eqeaul a century?

1 century = 100 years

How long is the one century?

One century is one hundred years.