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One (1) lakh is equal to one hundred thousand (100,000).

Forty-five would, therefore, be equal to four million five hundred thousand (4,500,000)

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Q: How many zero are their in 45 lakh?
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How many zero in one lakh?

5 zero

How many zero in eleven lakh?

Five, eleven lakh is 1,100,000

How many zero are there in 15 lakh?

There are 5 zeros in 15 lakh.

How many zero in 4 lakh?


How many zero in 80 lakh?


100 lakh has how many zero?


How many zero in 25 lakh?

There are 5.

How many zero in lakh?

There are 6 zeros in a lakh. * * * * * NO! there are 5.

How many zero in 3 lakh?

5zero 3,00,000

How many zero in 115 lakh caron?

115 lakh has 5 zeros. Not sure what caron means in this context.

How many zeros for 8 lakh crores?

13 zero

How do you write 45 lakh in words?

1 lakh = 100,00045 lakh = 4,500,00045 lakh = four million, five hundred thousand.

How many zero for 3 lakh?

One Lakh is equal to one hundred thousand (100,000). There are five zeros in 1 lakh. Three lakh is therefore three hundred thousand (300,000). There are therefore still 5 zeros in 3 lakh.

How many zero in 40 lakh?

In India and Pakistan the term "lakh" means one hundred thousand (100,000). Therefore 40 lakh would have 6 zeros because it is the same as four million (4,000,000).

How do you write 4 lakh 45 thousand?

It is 4,45,000.

What is 45 lakhs in figures?

1 lakh = 100,000 and 45 lakh = 4,500,000

How many zero in 45 crore?


How many ones in 1 lakh?

A lakh of them.

How many zeros are their in 12 lakh?

how many zeros in 12 lakh

500 million is equal to how many lakh?

5000 lakh.

How many seconds in one lakh minutes?

60 lakh seconds!

How many ten thousand in a lakh?

One lakh is 100,000 do the answer is 10.

1 million is how many lakh?

1 million = 10 lakh.

1million us dollar is equal t0 how many Indian rupees?

1 million US dollar is 10 lakh US dollars. 1 dollar averages around 45-50.. If i assume it's 45 rupees per dollar then it's woth 4 crore 50 lakh rupees

10 lakh is equal to how many crores?

10 lakh = 0.1 crores.