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plural centillions (as after a numeral) centillion. a cardinal number represented in the U.S. by 1 followed by 303 zeros, and in Great Britain by 1 followed by 600 zeros. adjective. amounting to one centillion in number.

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A North American centillion is written as 1 followed by 303 zeroes. A British centillion is written as 1 followed by 600 zeroes.

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Q: How many zeroes does a centillion have?
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How much is centillion?

In traditional English and continental European usage, a centillion is equal to 10600 or 1 followed by 600 zeroes. In Canadian and US usage, a centillion is equal to 10303 or 1 followed by 303 zeroes.

What is a centillionplex?

A centillionplex is a 1 followed by a centillion zeroes.

What is the biggest countable number?

1 Centillion (A 1 followed by 303 zeroes, also can be written as 10303).

Is a centillion larger than a quadrillion?

Centi would mean 100, while quad means 4. Upon further research, a centillion is a 1 followed by 303 zeroes.

What is after bicentillion?

I believe it goes ...centillion(303 zeroes), bicentillion, tricentillion,quadricentillion, pentcentillion, sexcentillion, heptcentillion, octcentillion, noncentillion

What percentage of the universe is not dark matter or ordinary matter?

4.3% of the universe (~45 Billion Light year diameter) is Planets, Gases and Such. Dark Matter (WMP, or Weakly Interacting Mass Particle) is invisible. If my math is correct, (and i did it on a hitachi supercomputer) the universe should weigh around... 790 centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion centillion Tonnes, to the 947,304,691,120,161,109,425e+4964546546516548897984351th Power! I Guess About 74 followed by trllions of trillions of trillions of digits, pounds thats heavy

What does the number gazillion mean?

There is no gazillion. it is just a make up word like one zillion and one jillion.It does mean something.Like, if you have ever heard of a gazillionaire, it prbably just means that they have a lot of money.Here is a list of "illions" just to prove it. million 6 zeroes billion 9 zeroes trillion 12 zeroes quadrillion 15 zeroes quintillion 18 zeroes sextillion 21 zeroes septillion 24 zeroes octillion 27 zeroes nonillion 30 zeroes decillion 33 zeroes undecillion 36 zeroes duodecillion 39 zeroes tredecillion 42 zeroes quattuordecillion 45 zeroes quindecillion 48 zeroes sexdecillion 51 zeroes septendecillion 54 zeroes octodecillion 57 zeroes novemdecillion 60 zeroes vigintillion 63 zeroes googel 100 zeroes. and last but not least, centillion 303 zeroes! If you don't believe me, go to P.S. Can you see that they have three more zeroes than each other? PEACE OUT

How many zeros in one centillion?


What is the biggest number know to man?

It’s A Googolplexian. To See How Big It Is We Need To See Another Big Number. Googol. A Googol Is A 1 With 100 Zeros. A Googolplex Is A 1 With Googol Zeroes. A Googolplexian Is A 1 With Googolplex Zeroes. So Yeah. But You Know Million, Billion, Trillion. What’s The Biggest -illion Number. In Many Dictionaries It’s Centillion A 1 With 303 Zeroes. But We Can Go Further. If You Include Every Number Known Even The Ones Not In A Single Official Dictionary. It Is A Millinillion A 1 With 3003 Zeroes! So Conclusion.Googolplexian - Biggest Known NumberCentillion - Biggest -Illion Number (In Dictionaries)Millinillion - Biggest -Illion Number (Including Non-Dictionary Numbers)

How many zeros is centillion?

303 zeros

How many zero 1 centillion?

a centillion is a cardinal number represented in America by 1 x 10303

How many zeroes are in Tera?

there are ? zeroes in a Tera.

Is centillion or quadrillion the highest?


What is centillionplex?

centillion zeros (centillion is 303 zeros)

What numbers come after the trillions?

Well there are numbers that have more zeroes than 50. Her they are, hundreds thousands million trillion quadrillion quintillion sextillion septillion octillion nonillion decillion undecillion duodecillion tredecillion quattuordecillion quindecillion sexdecillion septendecillion octodecillion novemdecillion vigintillion centillion and googleplex. To find out how many zeroes they have, go to wwwzperiodzjimloyzperiodzcom/math/billionzperiodzhtm

How many zeroes in a million?

1,000,000 has 6 zeroes

Is it impossible to write a centillionplex since it's a 1 followed by a centillion zeroes?

Well, not on paper, but maybe on a computer if you have a legendary amount of storage.

How many ceros does the number centillion have?


How many zeros are in a centillionplex?

One centillion.

What comes after a centillion?

Millentinion, one thousand centillion

Is there a number bigger than centillion what is it?

Centillion + one.

What number is the highest A Centillion B Quadrillion?

A centillion.

How many zeroes are in 18 million?

18,000,000 = six zeroes

How many zeroes in 100 crores?

100,0000000 (9 zeroes)

How many zeroes are in octillion?

it is written as 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or with 27 zeroes