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Million have 6 zeros. So for 1.5 million 5 zeros. 1,500,000

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Q: How many zeros does 1.5 million dollars have?
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How many zeroes does 15 million have?

15 million = 15,000,000 (6 zeros before decimal)

How many zeros in a billion million?

15 zeroes: 1,000,000,000,000,000

How many zeros in a million billion?

15 zeroes: 1,000,000,000,000,000

How many zeros are needed to write the decimal form of 15 million?

There are six zeros in a million, so you would just need to add six zeros to 15 to get 15,000,000. You can also move the decimal point over six places to the right to get the same answer.

How man zeros are there in 15 million?


15 million dollars equals how many rupees?

15 million ud $ =817275000.00 indian rupees

Adjusted for inflation how much would 30 million dollars in 1869 be worth today?

About 15 million dollars. About 15 million dollars.

How do you type 15 million dollars?

$15 million.

What does 15 million dollars in 92 equal in 2011?

15 million dollars from 1992 is equal to 15 million dollars in 2011, but it can't buy as much as it could then.

What is 60 percent of 15 million dollars?

9 million dollars.

What is 15 percent on 10 million dollars?

1.5 million Dollars.

How many zeros are there on 1 thrillion?

15 zeros

How do you write 15 million?

15,000,000 That's 15 with 6 zeros.

How many Americans have net worth of 1 million dollars?

15 %

Did the US pay France 15 million dollars?

did the US pay France 15 million dollars during the war

How many zeros does the number one quintillion have?

15 zeros

How many dollar bills does it take to equal 15 million dollars?


What is 30 percent of 15 million dollars?

$4.5 million.

How many zeros in 1 quiltrillion?

There isn't a quiltrillion but there is a quintrillion which has 18 zeros. A quadtrillion has 15 zeros.

How much is 15 lakhs in million dollars?

15 lakh is about 29,300 USD or 0.0293 million.

How do you write 150000 in million dollars?

.15 million dollars you are better off saying 150 thousand dollars

How many zeros in one pentillion?

To get around the confusion between the US and European use of billion (thousand million or million million) and higher numbers new names, based on Greek roots, were proposed. In many countries the European names have now been dropped in favour of the US names. Pentillion was the name proposed for quadrillion = 1015 It would have had 15 zeros if the name had caught on.

How many zeros does a quadrillion have?


How many zeros are in a thousand trillion?

Thousand trillion = 1,000,000,000,000,000 which has 15 zeros in it

How much is 15 percent of 20 million dollars?

3,000,000 dollars.