How may feet is in 80 inches?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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12 inches is 1 foot, so 7 feet 8 inches.

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Q: How may feet is in 80 inches?
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How many square feet in 80 inches by 80 inches?

44.4 square feet.

Which is larger 80 inches or 8 feet?

8 feet= 8x12 which is 96. 96 inches is greater than 80 inches, so 8 feet is larger than 80 inches.

How many feet and inches are in 80 inches?

That is 6 feet, 8 inches. Also the height of a standard interior door.

What is the square feet 80 inchesx50 inches?

80 x 50 inches is about 28 (27.777) square feet.

What is the square feet of 40 inches x 80 inches?

22.2 square feet.

What is 1980mm in feet and inches?

6 feet 561⁄64 inches.

What is the height of the door in yards and feet?

A standard door is 80 inches so it would be 2 yards and 1.5 feet.

Which is greater 7 feet or 80 inches?

7 feet is greater.

How many square feet are in 80 x 160?

Now many inches are in 80 inches and 180 inches

What is 80 inches minus 5 feet?

20 inches or 1 foot and 8 inches

Is 80 inches longer than 8 feet?

no. 1 feet = 12 inches so you take 12x8=96 96 is more then 80 so it's no

How many feet are 80 inches?

Six and two-thirds