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There are 10mm in 1cm. Therefore there are 102mm2 in 1cm2 which equals 100 square millimetres.

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Q: How may mm squared equals 1cm squared?
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How many mm in 1cm squared?

1 cm squared is 10mm by 10mm so 1cm squared equals 100mm squared

What is 1cm equals to what mm?

10 mm

1cm equals how many mm?


How many mm equals 1cm?

10 !

20 mm equals how many cm?

10 mm =1cm

What is 2.1 cm equals -mm?

21. 1cm = 10 mm

How many mm equals 1 cm?

10mm = 1cm

How much is 1 cm to a mm?

1cm equals 10mm

Convert 10 cm squared to mm squared?

1cm=10mm Therefore, 1cm2=100mm2 Then,10cm2=1000mm2

11 mm equals how many cm?

1cm = 10mm 11mm x 1cm/10mm = 1.1cm

How many cm equals to 3180 mm?

318cm 10mm=1cm

Is centimeters bigger than mm?

yes, 1cm equals 10mm

How many inches equals 594 mm?

There is approximately 23.38 inches in 594 mm to figure it out 10 mm = 1cm and 1cm = .39 inchesDirect Conversion Formula594 mm * 1 in25.4 mm = 23.38582677 in

What is 1cm squared in millimetres squared?

There are 10mm in a cm. However, when talking about the area, the units are squared, and so too is the difference between cm and mm. 10x10 is 100, which is the conversion factor. 1cm^2 is 100mm^2.

Is cm bigger than mm?

Yes. One centimeter equals ten milimeters. 1cm=10mm 10mm=1cm

Do the following conversion Given 10mm equals 1cm Find mm equals 30cm?

300 mm 1 cm = 10 mm 1 mm = 0.1 cm

51 mm equals how many cm?

51mm = 0.51 cm 1cm=10mm

8.5 mm equals how many cm?

.85 cm = 8.5mm 1cm =10mm

2495 mm equals how many centimeters?

10mm=1cm therefore 2495mm=295.5cm

3.2 cm equals how many mm?

1cm = 10mm, therefore 3.2cm = 32mm.

28 cm equals how many mm?

There are 10mm in 1cm so 28cm = 280mm.

How many mm equals 13 cm?

There are 10mm to 1cm so there are 130mm to 13cm

Does 200cm equal 20 mm?

No. There are 10mm in 1cm. Therefore there 200cm equals to 2000mm.

How many mm are in 1cm?

there are 10mm in 1cm.

How much mm are in 1cm?

There are 10mm in 1cm.