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10 tenths make up a whole

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Q: How may tenths make up one whole?
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How many whole ones equal 40 tenths?

10 tenths make one whole thus 40 tenths = 4 x 10 tenths = 4 x one whole = four.

How many tenth equal one foot?

Ten tenths = one whole - of anything.Ten tenths = one whole - of anything.Ten tenths = one whole - of anything.Ten tenths = one whole - of anything.

How many tenths does it take to make one whole?


How many one tenths are in 3?

There is Ten singular Tenths (0.1) in a whole 'One' (1.0). Thirty Tenths make up Three (3.0)

How many tenths in whole one?

There are 10 tenths in 1 whole.

How many tenths does it take to make a whole and how?

One tenth is the same as 1 divided into 10 pieces.Lets say we have a whole pie, and we cut it into equal many pieces would there be?...10!So 10 tenths make up one wholeOROne tenth = 0.10.1 x 10 = 1 whole!

How many tenths are ther in 2 whole ones?

There are 20 tenths because there are 10 tenths in one whole.

How many tenths make up a mile?

Ten/tenths of anything make up a whole. In the case of a mile one tenth of a mile = 528 feet.528

How many tenths in two ones?

20 (as there are 10 tenths is one whole).

What is the difference between a whole one and 3 tenths?

7 tenths.

How many tenths make a one?

1/10 0f 1 is .10 or one tenth of a whole. Therefore, there are 10 tenths in a 1, as would be 100 hundredths in 1.

How many tenths are there in one whole?


How many tenths are in half one whole?

half of one whole = 5/10

Are there ten hundredths in one whole?

100 hundredths in a whole. 10 tenths in a whole.

How many tenths are in 1 in a half?

There are ten tenths in one whole. Therefore, 10 + 5 = 15 tenths.

How many tenths are there in ONE whole ones?


How many tenths in one hour?

There are ten tenths in every whole item of any kind including one whole hour.In the case of tenths of an hour, each tenth of an hour is 6 minutes long.If you multiply each 6 minute long tenth of an hour times 10(number of tenths to equal one whole of anything) you get 60 minutes,or one hour.

What is one whole and seven tenths put into a decimal?


How many tenths in one whole?

Ten. Because lets pretend you had 10 sections, each equaling 1 tenth. You would need 10 tenths to fill in all the sections. Because if you've filled all the sections with 1 tenth, you have 1 whole. Make sense?

What does three and one half plus four and three tenths equal?

seven and eight tenths. you have to change one half to five tenths and then add the whole numbers and then the fraction

Why are fourths bigger than tenths?

Fourths are much bigger than tenths. They are so much bigger that it only takes FOUR of them to make one whole something. Tenths are smaller; it takes TEN of them to make the same whole something. Make 2 identical strawberry rhubarb pies. Cut one into FOUR equal pieces. Cut the other into TEN equal pieces. If you give out a piece from the one cut into 4 pieces, and a piece from the one cut into 10 pieces, which piece will be larger? The first pie is cut into fourths, and the second is cut into tenths.

How many tenths are there in 2.4?

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What is the decimal for one and two tenths?

The decimal for one and two tenths is 1.2. The decimal point is used to separate a whole number part from a fractional part. The whole number is one (1) while the fraction is two tenths (2/10) which is 0.2, so the answer become 1+0.2 which is 1.2.

IS one and one tenth greater than nine tenth?

Yes. One whole and a tenth is more than 9 tenths, which is not even a whole

What would you get if you add 10 tenths together?

One whole.