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Q: How much 22000RMB of china equal to Pakistani currency?
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What is china currency compared to us currency?

China's currency is called yuan renminbi. One us dollar is equal to 6.58 renminbi.

What is the currency of Pakistan China Bhutan Nepal Bangladesh?

The currency of Pakistan is the Pakistani rupee, which one of equals 0.0123451242429 American dollars. The currency of China is the Chinese yuan. 1 Chinese yuan equals 0.146353 U.S. dollars. The currency of Bhutan is the Bhutanese Ngultrum, and one is the same as 0.0 219 dollars. The currency of Nepal is the Nepalese rupee, one of which equals to 0.01308 dollars. The currency of Bangladesh is the taka, and 1 taka is equal to 0.01 dollars. I am half Bangladeshi myself, and as I love to share my (general useless) knowledge, it was my pleasure to answer this question.

How many Pakistani rupees in a billion?

i billion dollar is equal to how many Pakistani currency

1 us cent equal how many Pakistani rupees?

1 us cent equal how many Pakistani rupees...

1 cent how many Pakistani rupee?

10 cent equal to how many pakistani rupee

How much is 1 penny in Pakistani currency?

If one $US dollar is 100.040 PKR (Pakistani Rupees), then one penny would equal 100.40 PKR.

What is the value of 1 riyal in Pakistani rupees?

Hi, You can get the Pakistani rupee currency rates by going to the site. You will see the Pakistani rupee currency images on every currencies listed there. Hope you like it.

What is Pakistani size 9 equal to US size?

they are the same

Is Pakistani Intermediate equal to A level in UK?

yes i think so.

1 dinar equal to how much Indian currency?

1 dinar is equal to indian currency is Rs.13

How many Pakistani rupees equal 50 Swiss franc?


How much is 500 cinq cents francs worth in Pakistani rupees?

1 Swiss Frank is equal to Pakistani Rs.96.3018 today on 21-05-2012