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Use a seeding rate of 15 to 20 pounds per acre and a planting depth of zero to one and a half inches, increasing the pounds will not increase the amount of crop.

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Q: How much alfalfa seed is needed per acre?
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How much seed of onion is needed for one acre?

how much onion seed is needed to plant a 1/4 mile row

How much orchard-grass per acre?

When establishing a new stand of orchardgrass, it is usually best to seed in the early spring or late summer. Seed it at a rate of 8 to 12 pounds of seed per acre if using orchardgrass alone, or at a rate of 2 to 6 pounds per acre in combination with a single legume, such as alfalfa.

What is kannada word for alfalfa seed?


How much oat seed is needed per acre?

That depends on where you live and your soil type. You will need to visit your local seed grower for information on seeding rates for your area.

How much grass seed per acre for lawns?

How many pounds of grass seed per acre do you apply on a new lawn

What are the uses of alfalfa seed?

Alfalfa seed is used inn musli, and sometimes in gluten-free breads.

How much does corn seed cost per acre?


How much soybean seed do you need per planting acre?

It costs about 172-198$ per acre.

How much Grass mixed seed pounds per acre?

about 350

How much lawn seed per acre for an established lawn?


What types of alfalfa seed are there?

there are at least 6

How many pounds of seed are needed to plant one acre of cropland?

One first needs to know what crop is to be planted, since the amount of seed needed varies so widely. If one is planting beans, you might need as much as 50 pounds of seed per acre. If, on the other hand, you want to plant oregano, you will need only about 4 ounces of seed per acre. Normally, a producer will decide how many acres of a crop he wishes to produce, multiply times number of plants per acre he wishes to have, factor by the seed germination percentage, then divide by the typical number of seeds per pound for that species, allowing for a small percentage extra for safety.

What is the Marathi name for alfalfa seed?

I think it is "Mataki" ,

How much lawn seed for acre of new lawn?

Instead of using lawn seed on an acre of new lawn, you might want to consider using turf, as it is already grown and you won't have to wait for it to grow.

How do you put in a alfalfa hay field?

If it was a fallow field, you should till it and run a cultipacker over it before you seed. That will help control weeds to an extent. When you seed, set your drill to drop about 15 pounds of seed per acre. That will give about 45 seedlings per square foot for the first year.

Cost of alfalfa seed per pound for planting a hay field?

It depends on how much you want, but it is going to cost about $100 per acre unless you are looking at many acres when it could drop to $50-70 - price will vary from around $20 to less than $10 per pound depending on the order. You will need 15-20lb per acre.

How much seed is required for one acre of onion?

Approximately four pounds (two kilograms), depending on the size of the seed and whether is is coated or not.

Why is hay important to Montana?

Alfalfa is the most important forage crop in Montana. It is grown in every county in the state and nearly all the hay is consumed by the livestock within the state. Alfalfa hay can have a protein level as high as 22% or more and as little as 10% or less depending on when harvest occurs and weather damage. The crop can produce four to seven tons per acre for a value of up to $560 dollars per acre. Alfalfa can be damaged by diseases, insects, grazing animals, and by harvesting too late in the growing season. Alfalfa is a very expensive crop to establish so landowners need to take care of their stands. Dairy cattle tend to require high amounts of high quality alfalfa while beef cattle utilize lower quality alfalfa. Most beef producers tend to seed some grass with their alfalfa while dairy producers demand a pure alfalfa crop that is cut early to maximize the protein content of the hay. The addition of grass to the seed mix is preferred by beef cattle owners and horse owners.

How many pounds of rye grass seed per acre?

55 lbs per acre

What is a dycot seed?

almonds , channa , peas, cashew nut, alfalfa, clove

How much grass seed per acre for lawns when using a mixture of fescues and perrinial rye?

For normal lawn about 300 to 365 pounds per acre. Test the soil first!!!!!

What is the cost of alfalfa seed per pound?

It will depend on what you want it for - food grade or for sowing, and how much you want - pound rate for a ton of seed grade will be far less than the rate for 1lb for sprouting at home.

How much seed needed for a horse pasture?

it depends on how many horses you have

How many pounds of barley seed per acre?


Is alfalfa seeds available in India?

If you want to buy alfalfa seed please call us on M:09924290884 or write us on With Regards Jaimin Patel