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10 sqare feet is an area so it covers 10 square feet.

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Q: How much area does 10 feet cover?
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How much area does 10 square feet cover?

10 sqare feet is an area so it covers 10 square feet.

How much paint could cover 8 feet tall and 10 feet long?

The area is 80 square feet

How much does 10 square feet cover?

Exactly 10 square feet!

How many square feet will a square of shingles cover?

A 10 X 10 area or 100 square feet.

How much dirt is needed to cover a 10 foot by 150 foot area 12 inches deep?

You will need 1500 cubic feet.

How much carpet is needed to cover two rooms one of which is twelve feet by 6 feet and the other is ten feet by 8 feet?

Area of room 1 = 12*6 = 72 square feet Area of room 2 = 10*8 = 80 square feet Total area = 72 + 80 = 152 sq feet.

How many yards of top soil will cover an area 12 feet by 7 feet by 10 inches?

2.09 cu yds

How much gravel to cover 15000 square feet 10 inches deep?

You will need about 463 cubic yards (around 594 tons) of gravel for this area.

How many bags of 5 cubic feet of stone would it take to cover 10 square feet of area?

depends how deep you want it. One bag will cover 10 sqft at a depth of 6 inches

How much sod would you need for a 10 ft by 11 ft area?

Assuming that the sod will just cover the surface area of the plot, multiply the width by the length to get the surface area of the spot you want to cover with sod.10 x 11 = 110So you would need 110 square feet of sod.

How much water stored in one cube feet area?


How many 20x20 inche brick paver would you need to cover a 10 feet by 10 feet area?

36 pavers exactly.. I'll leave you to work out the maths !

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