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1 (cubic yard) = 46 656 cubic inchesIf the depth is 2 inches then the area it will cover is 46656/2 square inches = 23,328 square inches.

Convert 23,328 square inches to square yards

23 328 (square inches) = 18 square yards
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Q: How much area does 1 cubic yard of pea gravel cover at 2 inches deep?
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How much gravel to cover 15000 square feet 10 inches deep?

You will need about 463 cubic yards (around 594 tons) of gravel for this area.

How much gravel do you need to cover 252 sq ft?

The amount of gravel needed to cover 252 square feet depends on how thick (that is, deep) you want the gravel. If you want the gravel to be 3 inches thick... Convert the measurement to the same units. We'll use feet. 3 inches = 1/4 foot Multiply the thickness times the area to get volume in cubic measure. 1/4 feet x 252 feet = 63 cubic feet Gravel in the US is usually sold by the cubic yard, which is 27 cubic feet Thus, 63/27 = 2 1/3 cubic yards 2 1/3 cubic yards of gravel will cover 252 square feet of area to a dept of 3 inches.

How much area does 1 cubic yard of pea gravel cover at 6 inches deep?

1 cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet. At a six inch depth 1 cubic foot will cover 2 square feet, so 27 cubic feet will cover 54 square feet.

How many bags of .5 cubic feet of gravel would it take to cover about 200 square feet of area?

It would take roughly 66 bags to cover a 200 square ft area 2 inches thick

How many bags of 1.5 cubic feet of gravel would it take to cover about 3000 square feet of area?

The volume that needs to be filled is 132ft * 1.5in = 132ft*(1.5/12)ft=132ft*0.125ft=16.5 cubic feet of gravel needed. ---- 1 cubic foot is 1,728 cubic inches (12 in x 12 in x 12 in) The area described above is 28,512 cubic inches divided by 1,728 cubic inches or 16.5 cubic feet

How much area will a 50 pound bag of gravel cover?

a 50 pound bag of gravel will cover approximately 2 to 3 square feet of area to a thickness of 3 to 4 inches.

How many cubic yards of gravel to cover 12'by 15' area?

62/3 cubic yards for every 1-foot deep. 5 cubic yards for every 9-inches deep. 31/3 cubic yards for every 6-inches deep. 5/9 cubic yard for every 1-inch deep.

How much crushed gravel for eighteen square feet by four inches deep?

"" 6 cubic feet. With Gravel weighing 95 pounds per cubic foot, you will need approximatly 570 pounds of gravel Four inches is 1/3foot so 18sq.ft x 1/3ft=6cu.ft. You usually buy gravel by the cubic yard which is 3ftx3ftx3ft=27cu.ft so you only are looking at 2/9 cu.yd18sq.ft is only 4ftx4-1/2ft. so is not much area to cover. Weight varies by type of gravel.

Area can covered by 1 cubic meter of gravel at 6 inches thick?

Approx 70.6 square feet.

How much area will 10 tons of gravel cover at 2 inch depth?

First you have to know how many cubic yards are in 10 tons, just ask the company your buying the material from, they know as they do this all year long. pea gravel, road base, and sand will all cover at a different rate because of the size of the material. one cubic yard of material is 3ft x3ft x3ft or 27 cubic feet If you spread 3 inches deep the one yard will cover , on average, 108 square feet surface area. At 2 inches deep one cubic yard will cover approx 162 square ft of surface aera. chet2010

How much area will 160 cubic inches of cement cover at one eighth inch deep?

160 cubic inches / (1/8 inches) = 160*8 = 1280 sq inches

How much gravel for a 14 feet wide and 125 feet long driveway?

If you use a depth of 3 inches, that area will be about 16.2 cubic yards (around 20.785 tons) of gravel.