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The answer depends on the depth to which the area is covered.

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Q: How much area does 8 cubic feet cover?
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How much area does 1 cubic yard of pea gravel cover at 6 inches deep?

1 cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet. At a six inch depth 1 cubic foot will cover 2 square feet, so 27 cubic feet will cover 54 square feet.

How much rock to cover an area 2 feet wide by 50 feet long?

100 cubic feet for every foot of depth.

How much material will cover a 240 square foot area 3 inches deep?

240 x 3 /12 Cubic feet = 60 cubic feet

How much sand is need to cover 100 square feet 3 feet deep?

Volume = (base area) x (height) = 300 cubic feet = 111/9 cubic yard.

How much would a cubic yard cover?

The 'square feet' of area that it covers is 324/(depth in inches)

How much space require for 100 cubic feet area?

100 cubic feet is a volume, not an area. Consequently the question is misguided.

How many square feet are in a cubic foot?

There is no way to say. Square feet is a measure of area and cubic feet is a measure of volume. To cover a square foot area with topsoil or compost that is sold by cubic feet first decide how much you want to add in terms of inches on top. *One cubic foot of topsoil will cover a 12 sq ft area one inch high

How much sand to cover 1200 square feet 2 inches deep?

200 cubic feet or 7.4 cubic yards

How much water fills one square foot?

Technically, none. A square foot is a measure of area whereas it is the volume of water that is required. To convert from area to volume it is necessary to know the depth. A twelfth of a cubic foot will cover an area of one square foot to a depth of 1 inch. A cubic foot will cover it to a depth of 1 foot, 100 cubic feet will cover it to a depth of 100 feet.

How much of an area will one cubic yard of rock cover at a depth of 6 inches?

1 cubic yard of rock = 27 cubic feet of rock. 27 cubic feet of rock @ 6" (1/2 of foot) = 27/(1/2) = 54 sf

How much square feet is in 396 cubic feet?

This is not a valid conversion. Square feet is a measure of area while cubic feet is a measure of volume.

How much sand to cover 28 square feet 1 foot deep?

28 cubic feet (1.037 cubic yard, rounded)

How much soil do i need to cover 9300 square feet with 12 inches of soil?

9300 cubic feet = 344.44... cubic yards.

How much area will a 50 pound bag of sand cover 3 inches deep?

50 pounds covers 0.5 cubic feet. Since the depth is 3 inches, or 1/4 foot, you can cover 0.5/.25 = 2 square feet of area. That is not very much.

How much dirt is needed to cover a 10 foot by 150 foot area 12 inches deep?

You will need 1500 cubic feet.

How much does 1 cubic yard of stone cover?

The 'square feet' of area that it covers is 324/(depth of the stone, in inches)

How much sand do you need to cover 12 feet X12 feet 4 inches?

47.7 cubic feet

How much concrete would it take to cover an area thirty feet by thirty feet by six inches deep?

about 17 yards of concrete (it's sold by the cubic yard)

How much does 1000 cubic yards of fill dirt cover?

There are twenty-seven cubic feet in a cubic yard. So, you'd have 27,000 cubic feet in 1000 cubic yards. Assuming you leave each cubic foot intact and since there are 43,560 square feet in an acre then you'd be able to cover over half an acre. At only 6" deep you'd cover over an acre.

How much of an area will one cubic yard of three quarter rock cover at a depth of 2 inches?

If it is the same as concrete it will cover 162 square feet. concrete covers 81 square feet by 4" deep

How much does 8 cubic feet of muclh cover?

2560 sq feet 2 inches thick

How much sand to cover 15000 square feet 2 inches deep?

2500 cubic feet.

How much square feet does 27 cubic feet cover?

if your talking about soil or mulch, then you are going to cover approximately 300 square feet.

How big is 800 cubic feet?

Cubic feet are a type of volume measurement. Depending on what you are converting the cubic feet too will decide how much the area is. Converting 800 cubic feet to square meters would be 74.32 square meters.

How much cement will you need to cover 180 square feet?

How much cement is needed to cover 192 square feet of area